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The books are arranged by topics. The following categories are available:

  General Computational Fluid Dynamics (37 books)
  Books which present an overview of techniques used to solve a wide range of CFD problems.
  CFD for Incompressible Flows (6 books)
  CFD for Compressible Flows (6 books)

  Turbulence (7 books)
  Books on turbulence. Covering experimental aspects, theory, simulation and modeling.
  Turbulence Theory (4 books)
  Turbulence Modeling (15 books)
  Experimental Turbulence (6 books)
  Simulation of Turbulence, DNS and LES (12 books)

  Basic Fluid Dynamics (5 books)
  Selected textbooks and good references on basic fluid dynamics.
  Basic Fluid Dynamics, Incompressible Flow (6 books)
  Basic Fluid Dynamics, Compressible Flow (6 books)

  Heat Transfer (19 books)
  Books on heat transfer, basic theory and modeling in CFD

  Combustion (9 books)
  Books on combustion, basic theory.

  Numerical Methods (59 books)
  Books on numerical algorithms used in CFD.
  Boundary Element Methods (8 books)
  Boundary Integral Methods (2 books)
  Discretization Schemes, Compressible Flow (no books)
  Discretization Schemes, Incompressible Flow (1 book)
  Finite Difference Methods (2 books)
  Finite Element Methods (13 books)
  Finite Volume Methods (no books)
  Iterative Linear-Equation System Solvers (1 book)
  Multigrid Methods (4 books)
  Parallel Methods (5 books)
  Spectral Methods (6 books)
  Vortex Element Methods (3 books)
  Benchmark Problems (2 books)
  Benchmark solutions for testing numerical methods.

  Grid Generation (14 books)
  Books on numerical grid generation. Structured grids, unstructured grids, adaptive grids and other grid generation topics.

  Visualization (5 books)
  Books dealing with visualization of CFD results.

  Special Topics (no books)
  Books on specific topics in CFD.
  Aeroacoustics and Noise (4 books)
  Aerodynamics (6 books)
  Flow in Microgravity (1 book)
  Flows with Particles (3 books)
  Fluid-Structure Interaction (3 books)
  Free-Surface and Sub-Surface Flows (14 books)
  Moving Boundary Problems (9 books)
  Multiphase Flows (8 books)
  Non-Newtonian Flows (2 books)
  Porous Media (9 books)
  Reactive Flows (6 books)
  Rotating Flows (1 book)

  Application Areas (no books)
  Books focusing on a specific application area related to CFD.
  Aerospace Applications (6 books)
  Architecture and Wind-Loading Applications (2 books)
  Astrophysics Applications (2 books)
  Automotive Applications (2 books)
  Biological Applications (no books)
  Casting, Molding and Metal Processing Applications (2 books)
  Coating, Painting and Printing Applications (no books)
  Electronics Cooling Applications (1 book)
  Environmental Applications (5 books)
  Fire and Safety Applications (no books)
  Geophysical Applications (5 books)
  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Applications (no books)
  Maritime and Ship Hydrodynamics Applications (no books)
  Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Applications (no books)
  Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics Applications (1 book)
  Petrochemical Applications (2 books)
  Piping Applications (2 books)
  Plasma Physics Applications (1 book)
  Power Generation Applications (1 book)
  Process Industry Applications (2 books)
  River and Coastal Engineering Applications (6 books)
  Semiconductor Processing Applications (1 book)
  Turbomachinery Applications (4 books)
  Virtual Reality and Entertainment Applications (no books)

  Conference Proceedings and Edited Collections (65 books)

  Text Books (18 books)
  Books especially suitable for use in courses.

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