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Frontiers of Computational Fluid Dynamics 1998
D. A. Caughey and M. M. Hafez
World Scientific Publishing, 1999
25 research papers on aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.


Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics : Methods for Aerodynamics Applications
Computational Methods in Mechanics and Applied Sciences

R. Loehner
John Wiley & Sons, 1996
Computational fluid dynamics for aerodynamics applications.


Vehicle Aerodynamics
Wind Tunnels, CFD, Aeroacoustics, and Ground Transportation Systems-1996 International Congress and Exposition

Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Automotive Engineers Incorporated, 1996
Vehicle aerodynamics.


Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques
Wagdi G. Habashi and M. M. Hafez
Gordon & Breach Publishing Group, 1995
Papers on advanced numerical methods, particularly for aerodynamics applications.


Low-Speed Aerodynamics : From Wing Theory to Panel Methods
McGraw-Hill Series in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

Joseph Katz and Allen Plotkin
McGraw-Hill, 1991
This book emphasizes inviscid, incompressible, irrotational aerodynamics and classical and small disturbance methods.


Computational Methods in Viscous Aerodynamics
T. K. S. Murthy and C. A. Brebbia
Elsevier Science Ltd, 1990
Computational methods in viscous aerodynamics.

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