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Numerical Models in Fluid-Structure Interaction
Subrata (Editor) Chakrabarti
WIT Press, 2005
presents developments in numerical methods for the analysis of fluid-structure interaction, with emphasis on practical offshore applications


Fluid-Structure Interaction
Applied Numerical Methods

H J-P Morand, R Ohayon and C A Translated by James
John Wiley and Sons, 1995
This book deals with interaction problems between structures and internal fluids such as in aerospace and aeronautical structures.


Computational Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction
Proceedings of the 'Journees Numeriques De Besancon 1992'

J.M. Crolet and R. Ohayon
CRC Press, 1994
Deals with various examples of interaction between a fluid and a structure, and each author presents, for a specific problem, the method which is considered to be the most appropriate.

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