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Multigrid Tutorial
William L. Briggs
Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, 1987
Introduces multigrid methods, including the fundamental two-grid cycling scheme, intergrid transfer functions and the standard multigrid schemes.


An Introduction to Multigrid Methods
Pieter Wesseling
R.T. Edwards, Inc., 2004
Introduces the principles, techniques, applications and literature--both current and historical--of multigrid methods.


Computational Techniques for Complex Transport Phenomena
W. Shyy, H. Ouyang, E. Blosch, S. S. Thakur and J. Liu
Cambridge University Press, 1997
This book describes some newly developed computational techniques and modeling strategies for analyzing and predicting complex transport phenomena.


Multigrid Methods
Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics, No. 294

James H. Bramble
Addison Wesley Longman Limited, 1993
Multigrid theory, applications, and convergence rates.

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