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Selected textbooks and good references on basic fluid dynamics.

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Album of Fluid Motion
Milton Van Dyke
Parabolic Press, 1982
A book full of fluid-flow images, including many references.


Basic Fluid Mechanics
David C. Wilcox
DCW Industries, Inc., 2000
Introductory text suitable for use in a two-semester sequence of elementary and intermediate fluid mechanics courses. Includes both incompressible and compressible flow.


Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
Anil Date
Cambridge University Press, 2005
This is a textbook for advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate students in mechanical, aerospace, and chemical engineering. The book emphasizes understanding CFD through physical principles and examples.


Introduction to Practical Fluid Flow
Peter King
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2003
For students and practicing engineers working with or studying fluid transportation. Provides uniform treatment of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, with an emphasis on slurries. It is supported by an accompanying 'Fluids Toolbox' on CD ROM.


Fluid Mechanics
L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1995
Volume 6 of the well known series on theoretical physics by the Russians Landau & Lifshitz. A classic book that gives a theoretical and comprehensive introduction to fluid mechanics. Written from a physics point of view.

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