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*****   The Best Turbulence Modeling Book Around
Jonas Larsson (   Thu, Sep 30, 1999
About the book Turbulence Modeling for CFD by David C. Wilcox

This is a very good book! If you haven't already got it get is as soon as possible. It is a must for anyone working with CFD. If you are only going to buy one book about turbulence modeling then this is the book to get!

The book is very complete and full of details. This makes it ... read more


*****   Something to look in while that CFD simulation runs
Jonas Larsson (   Tue, Jun 20, 2000
About the book Album of Fluid Motion by Milton Van Dyke

A book full of images related to fluid-flow. This book is a must for anyone seriously interested in fluid dynamics. It is very well produced and inspiring to look in. Also includes a lot of references.


****   A classic that I still use frequently
Jonas Larsson (   Sat, Oct 2, 1999
About the book A First Course in Turbulence by Hendrik Tennekes, et al
This was the first book I ever read about turbulence. I still use it now and then. It has a lot of nice derivations and basic laws about turbulence. The book starts with one of the best introductions to turbulence that I have ever read. The physics and charateristics of turbulence are outlined ... read more


****   A classical introduction to gas-dynamics
Jonas Larsson (   Mon, Jun 19, 2000
About the book Modern Compressible Flow : With Historical Perspective by John David Anderson
A good introduction to compressible flows. This was the first book I read in gas-dynamics and I still use it quite frequently. The book is usefull both as a text-book and as a reference.


****   One of the best turbomachinery books
Jonas Larsson (   Mon, Jun 19, 2000
About the book Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer of Turbomachinery by Budugur Lakshminarayana
Covers most aspects of turbomachinery. This is the most up-to-date and complete book in this area that I know of. The book isn't perfect and you could always wish for more material in some areas. In any case it is a must for anyone working with turbomachinery applications. The book includes a ... read more

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