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Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics: Implementations and Results: Scientific and Engineering Computation

Horst D. Simon

Algorithims and implementations for parallel computational fluid dynamics.


Format: Hardcover, English, 362 pages
ISBN: 0262193264
Publisher: The MIT Press
Pub. Date: 1992

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Table of Contents

  Series Foreword  
I Overview  
1 Parallel CFD: Current Status and Future Requirements 1
II Implementations on Parallel Machines  
2 A Parallel Algorithm for Compressible Flows Through Rotor-Stator Combinations 33
3 On a Massively Parallel Euler Solver for Unstructured Grids 55
4 A Fast Scheme to Analyze 3D Disk Airflow on a Parallel Computer 69
5 A Uniform Algorithm for Boundary and Interior Regions 87
6 Implicit CFD Applications on Message Passing Multiprocessor Systems 97
7 Block Implicit Multigrid Solution of the Euler Equations 127
III Numerical Algorithms for Parallel CFD  
8 A 3-D ADI Algorithm on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors 149
9 Clustered Element-by-Element Computations for Fluid Flow 167
10 Hypercube FFT and Fourier Pseudospectral Method 189
11 An Investigation of Parallel Iterative Algorithms for CFD 215
IV Performance Evaluation and Computer Science Issues  
12 Sorting for Particle Flow Simulation on the Connection Machine 235
13 Fluid Dynamics Using Interface Methods on Parallel Processors 257
14 Computational Performance of CFD Codes on the Connection Machine 271
15 A Large Grain Mapping Method 281
16 Towards the Teraflops Capability for CFD 313
A Addresses of Contributors 343
B Author Index 347

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