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Computational Modeling for Fluid Flow and Interfacial Transport: Transport Processes in Engineering, Vol 5

Wei Shyy

An overview of finite difference methods for gereral fluid flow problems and techniques for heat transfer, interfacial transport, capillarity and phase-change problems


Format: Hardcover, English, 504 pages
ISBN: 0444817603
Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd
Pub. Date: 1993

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Table of Contents

Pt. I Basic Concepts of Finite Difference Methods
Ch. I Introduction to Finite Difference Methods
Ch. II Parabolic Equations
Ch. III Elliptic Equations
Ch. IV Hyperbolic Equations
Pt. II Pressure-Based Algorithms and Their Applications
Ch. V Pressure-Based Algorithms
Ch. VI Practical Applications
Pt. III Interfacial Transport
Ch. VII Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics
Ch. VIII Thermofluid Phenomena Involving Capillarity and Gravity
Ch. IX Physical and Computational Issues in Phase-Change Dynamics

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