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Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods for Science and Technology: Volume 4: Integral Equations and Numerical Methods

R. Dautray and J. L. Lions

Covers mixed problems and the Tricomi equation, integral equations, numerical methods for stationary problems, and approximation of integral equations by finite elements.


Format: Hardcover, English, 488 pages
ISBN: 0387502092
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Pub. Date: 1990
Edition: 1

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Publisher Comments

The advent of high-speed computers has made it possible for the first time to calculate values from models accurately and rapidly. Researchers and engineers thus have a crucial means of using numerical results to modify and adapt arguments and experiments along the way. Every facet of technical and industrial activity has been affected by these developments. The objective of the present work is to compile the mathematical knowledge required by researchers in mechanics, physics, engineering, chemistry and other branches of application of mathematics for the theoretical and numerical resolution of physical models on computers. Since the publication in 1924 of the "Methoden der mathematischen Physik" by Courant and Hilbert, there has been no other comprehensive and up-to-date publication presenting the mathematical tools needed in applications of mathematics in directly implementable form.

Table of Contents

Chapter 10 Mixed Problems and Tricomi Equation  
Chapter 11 Integral Equations  
Chapter 12 Numerical Methods for Stationary Problems  
Chapter 13 Approximation of Integral Equations by Finite Elements. Error Analysis  
Appendix Singular Integrals  
  Table of Notations  

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