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Combustion in High-Speed Flows

John David Buckmaster, Thomas L. Jackson and  Ajay Kumar

Theory, experimentation and modeling of combustion in high speed flows.


Format: Library Binding, English, 643 pages
ISBN: 079232806X
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Pub. Date: 1994

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Table of Contents

  Mixing and Combustion Issues in Hypersonic Air-Breathing Propulsion 3
  Hypersonic Combustion - Status and Directions 19
  Recent Experiments on Hypersonic Combustion in an Expansion Tube Test Facility 53
  Supersonic Combustion Experiments in Free Piston Reflected Shock Tunnels 93
  Fuel Dispersion in Supersonic Airstreams 111
  Reacting Compressible Mixing Layers: Structure and Stability 131
  Suppression and Enhancement of Mixing in High-Speed Reacting Flow Fields 191
  Modeling Turbulent Scalar Mixing with Mapping Closure Methods 231
  Finite-Rate Chemistry Effects in Subsonic and Supersonic Combustion 253
  Laser-Initiated Conical Detonation Wave for Supersonic Combustion - A Review 277
  Recent Advances in Ram Accelerator Technology 309
  Oblique Detonations: Theory and Propulsion Applications 345
  Detonation Waves and Propulsion 373
  Studies on Detonation Driven Hollow Projectiles 421
  The Role of Mathematical Modeling in Combustion 447
  Ignition and Flame Spread in Laminar Mixing Layers 461
  Numerical and Asymptotic Analysis of Ignition Processes 477
  Steady and Unsteady Aspects of Detonation Initiation 493
  Weakly Nonlinear Dynamics of Near-CJ Detonation Waves 513
  Some Fundamental Problems of Detonation Instabilities and Its Relation to Engine Operation 541
  Godunov-Type Schemes Applied to Detonation Flows 575

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