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Scientific Visualization: Advances and Challenges

 R.A. Earnshaw, J. Encarnacao,  L. Rosenblum and  H. Hagen

Demonstrates new techniques, examines diverse application areas and discusses current limitations and upcoming requirements of scientific visualization.


Format: Hardcover, English, 532 pages
ISBN: 0122277422
Publisher: Academic Press
Pub. Date: 1994

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Publisher Comments

Numerical simulations of global warming...planetary exploration data... aircraft design... these are but a few of the topics where the use of human visual perception for data understanding has been found to be essential.

Table of Contents

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1 Trends in Volume Visualization and Volume Graphics 3
2 Medical Volume Visualization Based on "Intelligent Volumes" 21
3 Data Parallel Volume Rendering 37
4 Global Information Visualization - The Visualization Challenge for the 21st Century 55
5 Real-Time Exploratory Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality 65
6 Automated Design of Data Visualizations 87
7 Next-generation Data Visualization Tools 103
8 From Perception to Visualization 129
9 Research Issues in Modeling for the Analysis and Visualization of Large Data Sets 143
10 Modeling and Visualization Through Data Compression 157
11 Subspace Methods for the Visualization of Multidimensional Data Sets 171
12 Visualization of Large Data Sets 187
13 Computer Animation: A Key Issue for Time Visualization 201
14 Fundamental Approaches to Interactive Real-Time Visualization Systems 223
15 Underlying Data Models and Structures for Visualization 239
16 Partitioned Objects Sharing for Visualization in Distributed Environments 251
17 Design of a Flexible Monolithic Visualization System 265
18 Systematic Approaches to Visualization: Is a Reference Model Needed? 287
19 Coding of Object Surfaces Using Atoms 309
20 Fractal Geometry and its Applications in Visualization 323
21 Representing and Visualizing Complex Continuous Geometric Models 337
22 Modeling Complex Indoor Scenes Using an Analysis/Synthesis Framework 349
23 Visual Representation of Vector Fields: Recent Developments and Research Directions 367
24 Visualization of the Quantum Coulomb Three-Body Problem in the Adiabatic Hyperspherical Approach 391
25 Solar System Visualization: Global Science Maps 407
26 Visualization of Vector and Tensor Data Sets 419
27 Progress and Problems in Ocean Visualization 435
28 Research Issues in Scientific Visualization 457
  Abstracts 509
Appendix Contributors 517

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