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Free Boundary Problems in Fluid Flow with Applications : Proceedings of the International Colloquium 'Free Boundary Problems, Theory and Applications

J. M. Chaad and Henning Rasmussen

Papers on free boundary problems and porous media, from the collision of two jets to the growth of a sand wave.

Format: Library Binding, English, 253 pages
ISBN: 0582215676
Publisher: CRC Press
Pub. Date: 1993

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Publisher Comments

The main part of this volume studies the flow of fluids, an area which has led to many of the classical free boundary problems. The first two sections contain the papers on various problems in fluid mechanics. The types of problems vary fromthe collision of two jets to the growth of a sand wave. In the next two sections porous flow is considered. This has important practical applications in fields such as petroleum engineering and groundwater pollution. Some new and interesting free boundary problems in geology and engineering are treated in the final section.

This book will be of value to researchers and postgraduate students interested in free boundary problems, mathematical modeling, partial differential equations, functional analysis, numerical analysis and asymptotic analysis. It may also be of interest to engineers, geologists, materials scientists,physicists, chemists and biologists.

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