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Album of Fluid Motion

Milton Van Dyke

A book full of fluid-flow images, including many references.


Format: Hardcover, English, 176 pages
ISBN: 0915760037
Publisher: Parabolic Press
Pub. Date: 1982

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2 readers have reviewed this book. Average Rating: *****   

Reader Comments

*****   Excellent book for a qualitative and physical insight into flows

Sudip Kumar Ghosh  Mon, Dec 8, 2003

This book is an excellent collection of black and white pictures of fluid flows ranging from the elegant (friction-dominated) to the divine (highly turbulent). All the pictures are excellent and very insightful, and help obtain a physical understanding of fluid mechanics. The pictures are best understood when studied along with a classic fluid mechanics textbook like the one by GK Batchelor.

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*****   Something to look in while that CFD simulation runs

Jonas Larsson (   Tue, Jun 20, 2000

A book full of images related to fluid-flow. This book is a must for anyone seriously interested in fluid dynamics. It is very well produced and inspiring to look in. Also includes a lot of references.

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