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Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics with Applications

John David Anderson

An easy introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics. No prior knowledge of CFD is necessary. Covers the basics - grid generation, numerics, incompressible flow and supersonic flow. Motivates the reader with many examples.


Format: Hardcover, English, 545 pages
ISBN: 0070016852
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Pub. Date: 1995
Edition: 6

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30 readers have reviewed this book. Average Rating: ****   

Publisher Comments

This introductory level book emphasizes the importance of computational fluid mechanics and its role in engineering design. Techniques of CFD are extensively explained including Lax-Wendroff, MacCormack, Crank-Nicolson, and Runge-Kutta Stepwise Integration. Two Chapters of the book are devoted in advanced topics of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Reader Comments

****    Excellent book

Rishikesh Dixit (   Thu, Mar 13, 2008

I rate this book as the best, from the point of view of the new CFD students. I taught this book to my students of tubomachine class who did not have any background of numerical techniques and not much knowledge of fluid mechanics. they really like this book because this book is very comprehensive and easy to understand.

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*****   U Must read ---- for the beginners

Arnab  Thu, Jan 10, 2008

One must start going through this book while trying to enter to the field of CFD.

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*****   Best book for beginners

Hitesh  Mon, Oct 8, 2007

Its the best book to start with at UG level.

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*****   Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics with Applications

S.Billow  Wed, Apr 18, 2007

I read this book on the advice of a colleague at work and haven't been able to put it down. Anderson succeeded in his goal of getting me "hooked on CFD", so much so that I actually even did the exercises. I personally appreciated the details and numerous examples, but can understand they could be viewed as tedious by someone more familiar with the subject. If you're new to the subject, I'm not ... read more

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***   above average

ZL  Mon, Apr 16, 2007

generally clearly written but can but better by eliminating eqns cause some CFD engineers may not go so deep into understanding the math behind. could further simplify in laymans terms on the technicality.also could further make use of industrial examples and elaborate on how CFD help in situations

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***   good for intro

CZL  Tue, Dec 19, 2006

read for general knowledge of CFD. Interesting

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*****   Best book for a first course on CFD

Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan (   Sat, Dec 16, 2006

The book is very informal in presentation and written very carefully with the beginner in mind. A background in basic fluid mechanics and elementary engineering math is enough for you to get started. After reading this book, any advanced standard text book becomes more comphrensible. A must read for any beginner.

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****   amazing

Rohit  Thu, Dec 7, 2006

hi. i am doing chemical engineering and have just completed the third semester of my undergrad course. Bought this book out of curiousity about CFD thanx to this author, I am deleveloping an intrest in this area. The book is meant for beginers, very well explained, sometimes u find u need to skip a paragraph of explanation that u have already understood (which someone else may require to read). ... read more

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*****   CFD means ANDERSON

KINGSLY  Sat, Aug 12, 2006

I read this book... quite interactive... clarity in concepts.. even if u try to confuse yourself, you can't... great work...!

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*****   The bible of CFD

Sudip K. Ghosh  Sun, Oct 9, 2005

An excellent beginner's textbook on CFD. A highly readable book with just enough details on a wide range of numerical methods to get started in CFD

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*****   The bible of CFD

Sudip K. Ghosh  Sun, Oct 9, 2005

An excellent beginner's textbook on CFD. A highly readable book with just enough details on a wide range of numerical methods to get started in CFD

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*****   Computational Fluid Dynamics by Anderson, J. David

Tahira Haroon  Wed, Sep 7, 2005

I rate this book as the best, from the point of view of the new CFD students. I taught this book to my students of MS class who did not have any background of numerical techniques and not much knowledge of fluid mechanics. they really like this book because this book is very comprehensive and easy to understand.

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***   good

shriniwas mahajan  Wed, May 18, 2005

i not read it completely but the pages that i read that are lucid, self expainetry and excellent.

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*   MIT

moshe rolam  Sun, Feb 27, 2005

Just Don't buy this book. Instead buy CFD by Lomax and pulliam

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*****   bible of cfd

Ashish Sharma (   Tue, Feb 1, 2005

It covers almost all basic concepts of cfd and it's extremely helpful in concept bilding. Reading the book is really very pleasant. One of the best books I have ever read.

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****   Excellent+Lucid and convincing

Tushar kanikdale  Fri, Dec 17, 2004

Excellent book. Encourages students to go further in to the subject. Highly lucid and convincing language.

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*****   Simply Stunning

Dilip  Fri, Sep 17, 2004

Well.. For cfd u have one great person... And u have this person writing the greatest book... None of other cfd authors could even near him... Simply the best.. Sure shot. No apprehension.. Buy this book now!!!

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****   Basic book a must read for all

Harish Sakharkar  Wed, Sep 29, 2004

Hey this book is a excellent and compresensive coverage of all things related to cfd from basic to a expert level. Ellaborated explanation of equations is given.

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*****   Excellent for beginner

Amol  Wed, Jun 30, 2004

This book is very good for senior undergrads and graduate level students who are taking their first course in CFD. I came across a dozen book and found this to be the most elegant and simple. The author has tried to explain the goal of this book at several instances. A brief overview of Navier-Stokes equations is given which I found to be very impressive. The book has a very good logical ... read more

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***   Too basic

Leo  Sat, Jun 12, 2004

Good for beginners but unable to deal with the subject in detail. Insufficient material if you want to get going after reading one book. I personally like the one by Chung.

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*****   CFD is large part of life

Muhamad Subhi (   Thu, Aug 21, 2003

For most problem in kinematics, dynamics and everything about fluid could be solve using CFD. Now, there so many computer programs about CFD, basicaly, encouraged by basic concepts of Aerodynamis, Hidrodynamisc etc. Before we ger starting with CFD itself (I mean:work using CFD's programs, we must know CFD itself. For getting knowledge about CFD, this book is proper for that requirement. This book ... read more

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*****   Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics with Applications

Abhishek Jain (   Tue, Dec 17, 2002

If CFD sends shivers down the spine consult Anderson. Its the nicest book ever written on CFD. Anderson is the only one who can make things easier however tough the subject may be. Its a good introduction text. It contains everything from introductory grids to simple solvers with basics and numerical results. If you r a beginner then only this book can help.

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*****   This is the only book that have read about CFD.

Bruno Quadros Rodrigues (   Sun, Mar 2, 2003

I donīt believe that will be necessary read another book about an introduction on this subject, cause the authur makes all the concepcts easier with his examples and accessible scientifics terms.

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*   computational fluid dynamics, the basics with applications

ASAD (   Fri, Feb 7, 2003


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*****   Computational Fluid Dynamics

Panom Intarussamee (   Wed, Mar 6, 2002

This is a great book for beginner to study in CFD. Professor John D Anderson is the great authurs. Every book the wrote, makes students clear in every topic.
Panom Intarussamee
USC, Aerospace Engineering

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*****   An excellent book to understand

Tahira Haroon  Sat, Jan 26, 2002

I strongly recommend this book for freshers in CFD. Anderson took an excellent approach to present this book. It is one of his excellent books. I have read it as a basic guide for my studies during Ph. D. work.

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*****   Great book!

Manish Pillewar (   Sun, Sep 23, 2001

This book on cfd by John Anderson I guess is the first book for freshers in this field.This book is well written and the case studies are excellent.Students should try out writing codes in c/c++ or fortran for the case studies discussed.the algorithm is already provided.undoubtly, it Will prove to be a good exercise for a foray into the world of CFD.:-)

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*****   An excellent book on CFD

Padmabhushana R. Desam  Tue, Jun 5, 2001

I have read this book for a graduate course in CFD. Anderson took an excellent approach in forming the book with different sections like physical principles, numerical techniques, solutions to some problems. I strongly recommend this book if you are starting or new to CFD. This even makes CFD more interesting.

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A Light Introduction to Aerodynamic CFD

Bert Laney (   Wed, Apr 19, 2000

A rare CFD book targeted almost solely at undergraduates, it has many of the merits of Anderson's excellent books on straight fluids. In fact, the book tends to focus on simple numerical methods for traditional fluids problems (e.g. Couette flow, Prandtl-Meyer flow), as opposed to most CFD books, which are geared towards more general-purpose numerical methods. As explained at great length in ... read more

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*****   An Excellent Introduction for the Beginner

Alton Reich (   Wed, Mar 22, 2000

This book is an excellent introduction for experienced engineers and students new to CFD. This book deals not only with the techniques involved in performing CFD analysis, but also discusses the motivation for using CFD through examples.

The author covers the basics of a wide variety of topics from grid generation to solving the flow equations. There are enough differential equations to ... read more

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Table of Contents

Pt. I. Basic Thoughts and Equations
1. Philosophy of Computational Fluid Dynamics
2. The Governing Equations of Fluid Dynamics: Their Derivation, a Discussion of Their Physical Meaning, and a Presentation of Forms Particularly Suitable to CFD
3. Mathematical Behavior of Partial Differential Equations: The Impact on CFD
Pt. II. Basics of the Numerics
4. Basic Aspects of Discretization
5. Grids with Appropriate Transformations
6. Some Simple CFD Techniques: A Beginning
Pt. III. Some Applications
7. Numerical Solutions of Quasi-One-Dimensional Nozzle Flows
8. Numerical Solution of a Two-Dimensional Supersonic Flow: Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Wave
9. Incompressible Couette Flow: Numerical Solutions by Means of an Implicit Method and the Pressure Correction Method
10. Supersonic Flow over a Flat Plate: Numerical Solution by Solving the Complete Navier-Stokes Equations
Pt. IV. Other Topics
11. Some Advanced Topics in Modern CFD: A Discussion
12. The Future of CFD
Appendix A Thomas' Algorithm for the Solution of a Tridiagonal System of Equations

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