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IUTAM Symposium on Advances in Mathematical Modelling of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics: Held in Limerick, Ireland, 2-7 July 2000

P.F. Hodnett

This volume contains papers from the 5 keynote lectures and 34 other contributed papers presented at the IUTAM Symposium on Advances in Mathematical Modelling of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics.

Format: Hardcover, English, 308 pages
ISBN: 0792370759
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Pub. Date: 2001
Edition: 1
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Book Description

This volume contains papers from the 5 keynote lectures and 34 other contributed papers presented at the IUTAM Symposium on Advances in Mathematical Modelling of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics. The Symposium provided a forum where atmosphere and ocean scientists could present their latest research results and learn of progress and promising ideas in these allied disciplines. This was seen to be especially important in view of current efforts to model climate requiring interaction between atmosphere, ocean and land influences. This volume presents a valuable collection of papers, which highlight advances in modelling of atmosphere and ocean dynamics and should further advance interaction between theory and applications in atmosphere/ocean dynamics.

The volume will be a valuable reference for researchers involved in atmosphere, ocean and climate modelling.

Table of Contents

  Open boundary conditions: fact and fiction; D. Durran 1
  Paramaterising Eddies on Ocean Climate Models; P. Gent 19
  Boundary Filter Initialization of the HIRLAM Model; P. Lynch, R. McGrath 31
  Balance, potential-vorticity inversion, Lighthill radiation and the slow quasi-manifold; M. McIntyre 45
  Kelvin's theorem and the oceanic circulation in the presence of islands and broken ridges; J. Pedlosky 69
  Global and regional atmospheric modelling using spectral elements; F. Baer, et al. 81
  Piecewise-constant vortices in a two-layer shallow-water Flow; J.M. Baey, X. Carton 87
  A dynamical stabilizer in the climate system: a mechanism suggested by a simple model and supported by GCM experiments and an observational data study; J.R. Bated, V.A. Alexeev 93
  Waves on the beta-plane over topography; E.S. Benilov 99
  Asymptotic models and application to vortex dynamics; M. Benjelloun, X. Carton 105
  Orographically forced variability in the coastal marine atmospheric boundary layer; S.D. Burk, et al 111
  The influence of thermocline Topography on the oceanic response to fluctuating winds: a case study in the tropical North Pacific; A. Capotondi, M. Alexander 119
  Modelling the dynamics of abyssal equator-crossing currents; P.F. Choboter, G.E. Swaters 125
  Toward accurate coastal ocean prediction; P.C. Chu, et al. 131
  An air-ocean coupled nowcast/forecast system for the East Asian marginal seas 137
  Development and Simulation of Atlantic storms during FASTEX; K. Finkele, P. Lynch 143
  Low-order models of atmospheric dynamics with physically sound behaviour; A. Gluhovsky, C. Tong 147
  Models for instability in geophysical flows; R. Grimshaw, G. Gottwald 153
  Baroclinic structure of a modified Stommel - Arons model of the abyssal ocean circulation; P.F. Hodnett, R. McNamara 161
  The available potential energy in a compressible ocean; Rui Xin Huang 167
  The role of bottom pressure torques in the ocean circulation; C.W. Hughes 173
  Quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity for a generalised vertical coordinate formulation and applications; N. Keeley, A.A. White 179
  On the effect of a surface density front on the interior structure of the ventilated thermocline; P. Lionello, J. Pedlosky 183
  Non-hydrostatic barotropic instability; M. Mak 191
  The CSIRO conformal-cubic atmospheric GCM; J.L. McGregor, M.R. Dix 197
  On the origin of helical vortex flow; N. Nawri 203
  Baroclinic instability of bottom-dwelling currents; M.K. Reszka, G.E. Swaters 209
  General properties of baroclinic modons over topography; G.M. Reznik, G.G. Sutyrin 215
  Acoustic filtration in pressure-coordinate models. Basic concepts and applications in non-hydrostatic modelling; R. Rööm, A. Männik 221
  Oscillatory regimes of forced zonal flow; I.A. Sazonov, et al 227
  Improving climate simulations in the tropical oceans; A. Schiller 233
  Synchroneity of the low-frequency planetary wave dynamics and its use to create a model for the numerical monthly weather forecasting; D.M. Sonechkin 239
  Physical mechanisms of nonlinear equilibration of a baroclinically unstable jet over topographic slope; G.G. Sutyrin, et al 245
  Evolution of near-singular jet modes; G.E. Swaters 251
  Linear Resonance. WKB breakdown, and the coupling of Rossby waves over slowly-varying topography; R. Tailleux, J.C. McWilliams 259
  Nonoscillatory advection schemes with well-behaved adjoints; J. Thuburn, Th.W.N. Haine 265
  A statistical equilibrium model of zonal shears and embedded vortices in a Jovian atmosphere; B. Turkington 271
  The impact of small-scale topography on large-scale ocean dynamics; J. Vanneste 279
  Numerical experiments on intraseasonal and interannual variations of the troposphere-stratosphere coupled system; S. Yoden, M. Taguchi 285
  List of Participants 291

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