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Optimal Control of Viscous Flow

S. S. Sritharan

This is a state of the art description of mathematical foundations and computational methods for turbulence control using systematic control theory. Expositions are by the leaders of the field.

Format: Paperback, English, 198 pages
ISBN: 0898714060
Publisher: SIAM
Pub. Date: 1998
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Book Description

Optimal control of fluid dynamics is of fundamental importance in aero/hydrodynamic vehicles, combustion control in engines, fire suppression, magnetic fusion, and ocean and atmospheric prediction. This book provides a well-crystalized theory and computational methods for this new field. It is the first and only book to provide a focused presentation of the issues concerning feedback control in viscous hydrodynamics. Engineers, physicists, and mathematicians working in the aforementioned fields will be interested in this book.

Table of Contents

1 An Introduction to Deterministic and Stochastic Control of Viscous Flow, S. S. Sritharan  
2 Optimal Control Problems for a Class of Nonlinear Equations with an Application to Control of Fluids, Max D. Gunzburger, L. Steven Hou and Thomas Svobodny  
3 Feedback Control of Time Dependent Stokes Flows, V. Barbu  
4 An Optimal Control Problem Governed by the Evolution Navier-Stokes Equations, E. Casas  
5 Optimal Control of Turbulent Flows, Frédéric Abergal and Roger Temam  
6 Optimal Control Problems for Navier-Stokes System with Distributed Control Function, A. V. Fursikov  
7 Design of Feedback Compensators for Viscous Flow, Y. R. Ou  

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