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Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements X

Y. Villacampa Esteve, G. M. Carlomagno and C. A. Brebbia

Contains the proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, which was held in Alicante, Spain, June 4-6, 2001.


Format: Hardcover, English, 1040 pages
ISBN: 1853128708
Publisher: WIT Press
Pub. Date: 2001

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Book Description

Featuring almost 100 papers presented at the Tenth International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, this book reviews the latest developments in the field. A wide range of applications including fluid dynamics, heat transfer, geomechanics, water resources, damage tolerance, and advanced computational methods are covered.

Table of Contents

1 Fluid dynamics  
  Steady and unsteady flow solutions using velocity singularities for fixed and oscillating aerofoils and wings (D. Mateescu)  
  Numerical simulation of a cylinder far wake (G. Sciortino, M. A. Boniforti, M. Morganti)  
  Experimental analysis of air bubble inside a centrifugal pump (A. Amoresano, G. Langella, C. Noviello)  
  Flow and thermal characteristics of warm plane air jets (measurements and predictions using different k-sigma models) (T. Tornstrom, S. Amiri, B. Moshfegh)  
  Unsteady transonic cascade flows and the effects of turbulence models (Y. Noguchi, S. D. Allison, T. Shiratori)  
  A new hybrid scheme for turbulent flow calculations (Y. Noguchi, M. A. Humayun, T. Shiratori)  
  A comparison of turbulence models for an impinging jet in a crossflow (C. Diaz, J. Tso)  
  Correction of the wall interference effects in wind tunnel experiments (G. Lombardi, M. V. Salvetti, M. Morelli)  
  The gas curtain experimental technique and analysis methodologies (J. Kamm, W. Rider, P. Rightley, K. Prestridge, R. Benjamin, P. Vorobieff)  
  Numerical and experimental investigation of top submerged gas injection system (Y. S. Morsi, W. Yang, D. Achim, A. Acquadro)  
  Nano-scale studies of the tensile properties of liquids in an atomic force microscope (P. R. Williams, N. Hilal, W. R. Bowen, M. Barrow)  
  Numerical simulation of confined laminar flow over a backward-facing step using a novel viscous-splitting vortex algorithm (R. W. Barber, A. Fonty)  
  Effects of non-reflecting boundary conditions on the convergence rate and the size of solution domain (S. Talebi, E. Shirani)  
  The optimal control applied to diffusion- reaction models (M. J. Pujol, J. A. Sanchez, P. Grimalt)  
  Flow visualisation, pressure measurements and CFD calculations on spike-tipped bodies (J. Srulijes, P.Gnemmi, K. Runne, F. Seiler)  
  Ship flow experimental database for RANSE codes validation (A. Olivieri, F. Pistani, R. Penna)  
  Generalized equation predicts viscosity of heavy oil-solvent mixtures (A. Miadonye, A. J. Britten)  
  Experimental model for casting problems (T. A. Kowalewski, A. Cybulski, T. Sobiecki)  
  Interaction of water waves with a submerged sphere in the ocean of finite depth: numerical simulation and graphical visualization (M. Rahman, S. Iakovlev)  
  Direct statistical comparison of hydrodynamic mixing experiments and simulations (W. Rider, J. Kamm, P. Rightley, K. Prestridge, R. Benjamin, P. Vorobieff)  
  Experimental and numerical study of shock wave propagation over cylinders and spheres (A. Abe, K. Takayama, K. Itoh)  
  Effect of wave breaking in vertical diffusion coefficient (H. Kim, C. Jang)  
  Evaluating the implementation of shallow water equations within numerical models focusing the propagation of dambreak waves (R. Liem, J. Schramm, J. Kongeter)  
  Interactive effect of shock wave with porous foam (K. Kitagawa, M. Kainuma, K. Takayama, M. Yasuhara)  
  Finite element analysis of transient unsaturated flow: deterministic vs. stochastic approach (C. G. Aguirre, K. Haghighi)  
  Application of a linear microphone array for noise source detection in the CIRA calibration tunnel #2 (CT2) (A. Ragni, P. Jordan, J. Fitzpatrick).  
2 Structural and stress analysis  
  Stress evaluation of conical rubber spring system (R. K. Luo, B. Randell, W. X. Wu, W. J. Mortel)  
  The application of finite element methods to the analysis of welded aircraft fuselage panels (A. Gibson, M. Price)  
  A comparison of finite element buckling analysis predictions and experimental results for riveted aircraft fuselage panels (K. Koffi, A. Gibson, M. Price)  
  Iterative experimental/numerical procedure to design riveted joints for airframe crashworthiness (B. Langrand, L. Patronelli, E. Deletombe)  
  On the computation of transverse displacements of slender beam elements with a single sided crack under tensional longitudinal loads (M. Skrinar)  
  Determination of damage material properties for the calculation of large rolling bearing carrying capacity (R. Kunc, I. Prebil, T. Rodic, J. Korelc)  
  Experimental testing and numerical modelling of AM50A magnesium alloy for structures subjected to large deformation (W. Altenhof, M. Laframboise, J. Losher, A. Raczy, A. Alpas)  
  Non-linear behaviour of thin-walled open composite beams in lateral stability (M. Z. Kabir, S. H. Mousavi)  
  Analysis of heat generation under plastic deformation, crack initiation and propagation (H. Sakamoto, J. Shi, D. Kumagai)  
  Experimental investigation on flexural behaviour of stainless steel beams (E. Real, E. Mirambell, I. Estrada)  
  Crashworthiness of thin walled structures: results of numerical analyses (G. Belloni, A. Girotti, A. Lo Conte)  
  Impact dynamic behavior of the rigid impactor on the lead target (Y. S. Lee, K. H. Kang, S. K. Chung)  
  Numerical simulation and experimental measurements of RC structures with textile reinforcement (W. Graf, A. Hoffman, B. Moller, F. Steinigen)  
  An experimental study on behaviour of variable I sectioned beams under flexure produced by normal and lightweight concrete (M. Yasar Kaltakci, M. Kamanli)  
  New design method for PSC girder with incremental prestress (M. Y. Han, C. Lee, J. K. Kim)  
  Localization of damages in concrete structures (L. Fryba, M. Pirner, S. Urushadze)  
  The interfacial transition zone in concrete  
  experiment versus computer simulation (P. Stroeven)  
  Rock bumps occurrence during mining (J. Vacek, P. Prochazka)  
  Application of coupled modeling to slope stability assessment (P. Prochazka, J. Trckov )  
  Using experimental measures in elaboration and calibration of numerical models in geomechanics (J. Torano, R. Rodriguez, A. Cuesta)  
  Stochastic modelling in aeroelasticity (J. Naprstek).  
3 Dynamics and vibrations  
  Retrofitting effects on the dynamic behaviour of S.Maria di Collemaggio (E. Antonacci, G. C. Beolchini, F. Di Fabio, V. Gattulli)  
  Experimental investigation of natural oscillations of space self-deployable frame structure (V. N. Zimin, I. M. Koloskov, V. E. Meshkovsky)  
  Investigation of natural oscillations for self-deployable truss space antennae (V. N. Zimin, I. M. Koloskov, V. E. Meshkovsky, V. I. Usyukin)  
  Simulation and experimental validation of the dynamic response of viscoplastic plates (M. Stoffel, R. Schmidt, D. Weichert)  
  Two-dimensional transient shear wave propagation in viscoelastic cylindrical layered media (I. Abu-Alshaikh, D. Turhan, Y. Mengi)  
  Hybrid methods combining computational methods and experimental measurements for dynamic fracture studies (T. Nishioka)  
  The study and investigation of optimizing sensor location for crack detection (J. Bolosan, T. Oh, E. Elghandour, F. Kolkailah)  
  Dynamic behavior of a damped spring-mass system subjected to regenerative and modulated forces (Z. Lou, S. G. Hutton)  
  Experimental verification of the mathematical model of free-fall lifeboat launching kinematics (Z. Wisniewski)  
  The use of sensitivity analysis for selection of decision variables in machine tool dynamic models identification (P. Gutowski, S. Berczynski)  
  An improved method of approximating frequency characteristics in the problem of modal analysis and its applications (S. Berczynski, M. Lachowicz, M. Pajor)  
  Diagnostics of machine tool load-carrying systems weak points with static respect to stiffness criterion (G. Szwengier, J. Skrodzewicz, D. Jastrzebski).  
4 Heat transfer  
  Modelling of heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous food products (D. Sterner, B. Sund?n, C. Skjoldebrand)  
  The overall heat transfer characteristics of a double pipe heat exchanger: comparison of experimental data with predictions of standard correlations (M. A. Mehrabian, M. Hemmat)  
  Heat-up and drying of large wood particles (B. Peters)  
  Experimental investigations on thermal, thermocapillary and forced convection in Czochralski crystal growth configuration (J. Aleksic, J. A. Szymczyk, A. Leder, T. A. Kowalewski)  
  Computational versus experimental methods in laser processing of binary semiconducting systems (R. Cerny, P. Prikryl)  
  Frigichips testing for the heat flow measurements (V. Bahyl, S. Dubnicka)  
  Computational approaches for heat conduction in composite materials (M. E. Cruz)  
  Theoretical and experimental study on heat transfer behaviour in gun tubes using aerosil additive for surface erosion protection (F. Seiler, H. Peter, G. Mathieu, G. Zettler)  
  A numerical and experimental investigation of the dynamic behavior of a heat pump (B. Pavkovic, I. Vilicic)  
  Internal shape factor of straight wires sheathed electrical heating elements (S. Lalot)  
  Heat transfer measurements and predictions for a heated cylinder in gas-solid flows (S. Hassanein, M. F. Couturier, A. C. M. Sousa)  
  Thermal balance of pulsed detonation engines (S. Eidelman, D. Sharov, D. Book).  
5 Material characterisation  
  Mixed numerical-experimental techniques for the characterisation of anisotropic solids through their vibrational behaviour: a review (W. P. De Wilde)  
  The combination of numerical simulations and experiments in dynamic material research (P. Verleysen, J. Degrieck)  
  A test for concrete fracture material model parameters (P. Rericha)  
  The transferability of fracture toughness characteristics from point a view of the integrity of components with defects (V. Kozak, I. Dlouhy)  
  Numerical analysis of composition effects on the ignition delay of polymeric composites (Y. Zhou, A. Stevanovic, S. Mehta, A. C. Fernandez-Pello).  
6 Data acquisition and processing  
  Numerical and experimental investigation of heat and mass transfer of a concasting technology (F. Kavicka, J. Stetina, B. Sekanina, B. Ramik, V. Dobrovsk )  
  Filtering of experimental data at arbitrarily located points of planes and surfaces (S. Lukasiewicz, M. Stanuszek, R. Qian, M. Kaja)  
  Synchronization and control in small networks of chaotic electronic circuits (A. Iglesias)  
  Fitting 3D data points by extending the neural networks paradigm (A. Iglesias, A. Galvez)  
  Development of pressure sensitive paint technique (F. Ferrigno, A. Auletta, F. Scarano)  
  Measurement of bottom pressures on planing craft (G. J. Grigoropoulos, D. P. Damala)  
  Analysis of the wake of a ship model with a single screw propeller by means of LDV (M. Felli, A. Romano, G. P. Romano).  
7 Computer interaction and control of experiments  
  Active control techniques of structural modes using piezoelectric actuators (T. Akers, J. Bach, C. Ward, D. Wait, D. Biezad, E. Elghandour, F. Kolkailah, J. Tso)  
  Impact crash and simulation of timber beams (A. J. M. Leijten)  
  Experimental errors in pseudodynamic test using conventional testing devices (C. Cuadra, J. Ogawa)  
  Assessment of algorithmic and control sensitivities in pseudodynamic testing (W. Algaard, N. Bicanic, A. Agar)  
  Damage resulting from a high-speed projectile impacting a liquid-filled metal tank (J. P. Borg, J. R. Cogar, S. Tredway, J. Yagla, M. Zwiener)  
  Numerical and experimental evaluation of lateral torsional buckling of beams at elevated temperatures (P. A. G. Piloto, P. M. M. Vila Real, J-M. Franssen)  
  Analysis of wave propagation in waveguides by FEM via eigenvalue problem (I. Spacapan, M. Premrov).  
8 Electrical and electromagnetic applications  
  Examples of magnetic field calculations in indoor distribution substations (T. Keikko, S. Kuusiluoma, M. Suojanen, P. Menonen, L. Korpinen)  
  The effect of trees on calculation of electric fields near 400 kV transmission lines (M. Suojanen, C. Lederle, R. Heim, T. Keikko, S. Kuusiluoma, L. Korpinen).  
9 Computational and analytical methods  
  Transmission loss assessment by integrated FEM-BEM methodology (C. Cali, R. Citarella, A. Galasso)  
  The combination of adaptive-grid redistribution and embedding methods (M. Ameri, E. Shirani)  
  Preliminary study of web scouts/foragers for a bioinformatic application: a parallel approach (R. L. Walker)  
  Generalization of a reduced Trefftz-type approach--Quadrilateral plate bending elements (S. Abo Diab)  
  The Volterra-Kostitzin integro-differential model of population dynamics solved by the decomposition method (Adomian) (C. Bordehore, A. Pascual, P. Grimalt)  
  On numerical analytical methods for solving boundary-value problems of continua based on invariant solutions of the basic equations of mathematical physics (G. V. Druzhinin, I. M. Zakirov, N. M. Bodunov)  

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