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Turbulent Flow: Analysis, Measurement, and Prediction

Peter Bernard and James Wallace

Comprehensive, unique coverage of turbulent flow including modern prediction and measurement

Format: Hardcover, English, 497 pages
ISBN: 0471332194
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Pub. Date: 2002
Edition: 1

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Book Description

Turbulent Flow presents the essential physical and analytical background that enables readers to makeinformed decisions when choosing the best method for the study and prediction of turbulent flows. Criticalfocus is given to experimental and numerical methods as well as what these methods have revealedabout turbulent motion.

Coverage includes an introduction to turbulence theory, the fundamental equations of turbulent flow andtheir meaning, the techniques used in physical experiments and computer simulations, a review of theprogress made in understanding the properties of turbulence, turbulence closures and their applications,and large eddy simulation methods.

Cutting-edge material includes:

  • State-of-the-art turbulence closure and simulation techniques Up-to-date presentations of major theoretical and experimental advances Vortex analysis of turbulence structure, transport, and modeling
  • Turbulent Flow is an essential book for students and an invaluable reference for mechanical andaerospace engineers, physicists and mathematicians in related disciplines, and engineers and scientistsin such fields as chemical, biological, and ocean engineering.

Reader Comments

*****   Best book in turbulence

Jun Shen  Tue, Aug 31, 2004

This is the best turbulence book available. It covers all the aspects you need to know about turbulence. Whatever you are interested in: turbulence theory, modeling, numerical simulation and experiment, you can check them out from this book. It is a must reference for those who want to know the whole picture of turbulence research. It is also a good handbook for those who have been in this area ... read more

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Table of Contents

1 Preliminaries  
2 Overview of Turbulent Flow Physics and Equations  
3 Experimental and Numerical Methods  
4 Properties of Bounded Turbulent Flows  
5 Properties of Turbulent Free Shear Flows  
6 Turbulent Transport  
7 Theory of Idealized Turbulent Flows  
8 Turbulence Modeling  
9 Applications of Turbulence Modeling  
10 Large Eddy Simulations  
11 Analysis of Turbulent Scalar Fields  
12 Turbulence Theory  

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