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Fluid Mechanics

Pijush Kundu and Ira Cohen

This is the most comprehensive introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate text in fluid mechanics available. It builds from the fundamentals, often in a very general way, to widespread applications to technology and geophysics.


Format: Hardcover, English, 730 pages
ISBN: 0121782514
Publisher: Academic Press
Pub. Date: 2001
Edition: 2

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Reader Comments

*****   A well-written and very readable book.

Sudip Kumar Ghosh  Thu, Feb 12, 2004

This is an excellent introductory textbook for a first graduate course in fluid mechanics. The material is presented in a logical and cogent manner. The chapters on introduction to tensor algebra and on vorticity dynamics are particularly excellent. The book, through its easy language and right focus, provides a good physical insight into the wonderful, if sometimes arcane, world of fluid flows. This book would be a nice pre-requisite to studying other classical and more advanced textbooks like the one by Prof. Batchelor.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction  
2 Cartesian Tensors  
3 Kinematics  
4 Conservation Laws  
5 Vorticity Dynamics  
6 Irrotational Flow  
7 Gravity Waves  
8 Dynamic Similarity  
9 Laminar Flow  
10 Boundary Layers and Related Topics  
11 Computational Fluid Dynamics  
12 Instability  
13 Turbulence  
14 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics  
15 Aerodynamics  
16 Compressible Flow  
A Some Properties of Common Fluids  
B Curvilinear Coordinates  
C Founders of Modern Fluid Dynamics  

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