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Computational Gasdynamics

Culbert B. Laney

This book focuses on computational techniques for high-speed gas flows, especially gas flows containing shocks and other steep gradients.


Format: Hardcover, English, 640 pages
ISBN: 0521570697
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pub. Date: 1998

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Publisher Comments

Numerical methods are indispensable tools in the analysis of complex fluid flows, giving rise to the burgeoning field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This book focuses on computational techniques for high-speed gas flows, especially gas flows containing shocks and other steep gradients. The book decomposes complicated numerical methods into simple modular parts, showing how each part fits and how each method relates to or differs from others. The text begins with a review of gasdynamics and computational techniques. Next come basic principles of computational gasdynamics. The last two parts cover basic techniques - including the Lax-Friedrichs method, the Lax-Wendroff method, MacCormack's method, and Godunov's methodand advanced techniques, such as TVD, ENO, flux-limited, and flux-corrected methods. Every method is tested on the same carefully constructed set of test problems, which helps to expose similarities and differences under actual performance conditions. Senior- and graduate-level students, especially in aerospace engineering, as well as researchers and practicing engineers, will use this single source to find a wealth of invaluable information on high-speed gas flows.

Reader Comments

*****   Excellent

Rajesh  Sat, Mar 3, 2007

A very good book for both beginners and experts..One can find basic ideas of charcateristics equation to modern conepts like, FVS, TVD, etc in this must read book!

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Introduction 1
Ch. 2 Governing Equations of Gasdynamics 5
Ch. 3 Waves 21
Ch. 4 Scalar Conservation Laws 48
Ch. 5 The Riemann Problem 71
Ch. 6 Numerical Error 105
Ch. 7 Orthogonal Functions 117
Ch. 8 Interpolation 132
Ch. 9 Piecewise-Polynomial Reconstruction 150
Ch. 10 Numerical Calculus 172
Ch. 11 Conservation and Other Basic Principles 187
Ch. 12 The CFL Condition 214
Ch. 13 Upwind and Adaptive Stencils 222
Ch. 14 Artificial Viscosity 249
Ch. 15 Linear Stability 255
Ch. 16 Nonlinear Stability 272
Ch. 17 Basic Numerical Methods for Scalar Conservation Laws 309
Ch. 18 Basic Numerical Methods for the Euler Equations 351
Ch. 19 Boundary Treatments 430
Ch. 20 Flux Averaging I: Flux-Limited Methods 459
Ch. 21 Flux Averaging II: Flux-Corrected Methods 504
Ch. 22 Flux Averaging III: Self-Adjusting Hybrid Methods 541
Ch. 23 Solution Averaging: Reconstruction-Evolution Methods 565
Ch. 24 A Brief Introduction to Multidimensions 597
  Index 605

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