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Computational Modelling of Free and Moving Boundary Problems II: Second International Conference on Computational Modelling of Free and Moving Boundaries

L. C. Wrobel and C. A. Brebbia

Papers on porous media, wave propagation, cavitational flow, free surface flow, sediment transport, computational hydraulics, solidification, metal casting, inverse problems, elasticity problems, and other topics.

Format: Hardcover, English, 504 pages
ISBN: 1562521659
Publisher: Computational Mechanics
Pub. Date: 1993

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Table of Contents

Sect. 1 Flow Through Porous Media  
  Transient simulation of water table aquifers using a pressure dependent storage law 3
  Location of free surface in porous media 11
  A study of some unsteady free surface problems in porous media 21
  Application of the boundary element method for plane and axisymmetric flows in zonal homogeneous porous media 29
  An efficient fully parallel finite difference SOR algorithm for the solution of a free boundary seepage problem 37
  Numerical finite element model for 3-d phreatic flow in porous media 49
Sect. 2 Wave Propagation  
  Flow calculations for a ship travelling in the vicinity of a pycnocline 59
  Stem waves along breakwater with arbitrary reflection coefficient 67
  Application of a numerical wave channel (NWC) for the analysis of free floating body dynamics 79
  Fast computation of the Green function for steady ship wave resistance 89
  Electromechanical waves of deformation in soft biological shells 97
Sect. 3 Stokes Flow  
  Three-dimensional finite element simulation of multi-fluid flows 107
  Distortion of large, isolated two and three dimensional bubbles 115
  A BEM solution for the simulation of axisymmetric viscous sintering 123
  Boundary elements formulation for the interaction of a deformable bubble with a rigid wall at small Reynolds number 131
Sect. 4 Cavitational Flow  
  Calculation of the plane and axisymmetric Riabouchinsky cavitational flows by the direct boundary element method 145
  Potential flow past a bluff body with and without separation 153
Sect. 5 Free Surface Flow  
  Boundary element method of analysing non-linear phenomena on gas-liquid two-phase free surface at middle and higher Reynolds numbers 167
  A porosity method to compute 3d turbulent free surface flows 177
  Nonlinear dynamics of capillary fountains 185
  Boundary element analyses of moving boundary problems in Laplacian growth 193
  Finite element simulation of free surface flows using arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method 207
  h-adaptive boundary element schemes for free surface flow problems 215
Sect. 6 Sediment Transport  
  Numerical simulation of coastal changes 231
  Numerical simulation of sand terrace formation in front of a river mouth 241
Sect. 7 Computational Hydraulics  
  Computational hydraulics in the analysis and design of supercritical flow in curved canals connected with stilling basins, in order to make the hydraulic jump stable 251
  Numerical simulation of flooding and drying in a depth-averaged boundary-fitted tidal model 261
  x-t Plane development using mass-momentum conservation 269
Sect. 8 Solidification and Melting  
  Effectiveness NTU performance of finned PCM storage unit 279
  Fusion of PCM in finned plane cavities 287
  Ablation problems using a finite control volume technique 295
  Application of the dual reciprocity boundary element method on Stefan problems 303
  On the determination of the unknown coefficients through phase change problems with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity 311
  Analysis of columnar crystals growth during the solidification in magnetic field 319
  Numerical approaches to melting/solidification problems 327
  Interfacial kinetics and pressure-transition temperature effects and several planar solidification problems 337
Sect. 9 Metal Casting and Welding  
  A coherence between a castings shape and its total solidification time 347
  A boundary collocation heat flow model for arc welding 357
Sect. 10 Inverse Problems  
  Determination of seepage flow under given free surface as an inverse problem 367
  An inverse problem related to the three-dimensional modelling of aluminium electrolytic cells 377
  The inverse Stefan design problem 389
Sect. 11 Elasticity Problems  
  Unilateral contact with dry friction between a net and an obstacle 401
  Stability and bifurcation of plane cracks of arbitrary shape 409
Sect. 12 Mathematical Formulations and Computational Techniques  
  Auxiliary principle technique for a class of nonlinear variational inequalities 419
  Discretization proposal for finite elements with moving boundaries 427
  Mechanisms of shock generation in variable bubble point systems 435
  A model of the electrochemical machining process 453
  Existence of solution and numerical simulation for an elastic journal bearing 461

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