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Computational Aeroacoustics: Icase/Nasa Larc Series

Jay C. Hardin and M. Y. Hussaini

Includes a general introduction to aeroacoustics and atmospheric sound, theoretical approaches, and in-depth discussions of many specific problems in CAA.


Format: Hardcover, English, 552 pages
ISBN: 038794074X
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Pub. Date: 1993

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Table of Contents

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  A General Introduction to Aeroacoustics and Atmospheric Sound 3
  Classical Theoretical Approaches to Computational Aeroacoustics 41
  Computational Aeroacoustics for Low Mach Number Flows 50
  A Multiple Scales Approach to Sound Generation by Vibrating Bodies 69
  On the Noise Radiated from a Turbulent High Speed Jet 85
  A Study of the Short Wave Components in Computational Acoustics 116
  The Acoustic Analogy as a Tool of Computational Aeroacoustics 133
  Problems with Different Time Scales and Acoustics 156
  Validation Methodology: Review and Comments 169
  Wall Pressure and Radiated Noise Generated by 3 Line Vortices in Chaotic Motion Close to a Solid Surface 174
  Acoustic Scattering by an Elastic Window in a Rigid Duct: Numerical Approaches 190
  Calculation of Noise Produced by High Mach Number Jets 206
  Regarding Numerical Considerations for Computational Aeroacoustics 216
  Observed and Computed Waves of Aerodynamic Sound 229
  Validation of Computational Aeroacoustics Algorithms 245
  Model Problems Associated with the Prediction of Noise by High Speed Shear Layers 260
  Direct Simulation: Review and Comments 285
  Time-Dependent Jet Noise Computation Techniques 294
  A Consideration of Energy from the Viewpoint of Computational Aeroacoustics 307
  Direct Computation of Aerodynamic Noise 325
  Computation of the Acoustic Radiation from Bounded Homogeneous Flows 335
  On the Development of a Time Domain Method for CAA "The Successes and Failures" 356
  CFD Methods Development Considerations for Unsteady Aerodynamic Analysis 373
  Numerical Study of Flow/Structure Interaction over a Flexible Plate 404
  Navier-Stokes Simulations of Blade-Vortex Interaction using High-Order-Accurate Upwind Schemes 417
  Scattering of Sound by Rigid Bodies in Arbitrary Flows 433
  Application of Geometrical Acoustics to Propagation of High Frequency Jet Noise 456
  Application of a CFD Code for Unsteady Transonic Aerodynamics to Problems in Aeroacoustics 481
  The Final Panel Discussion 499

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