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ASME's EL513 - Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
This course provides an introduction to the scientific principles and practical engineering applications of CFD. Although it provides an overview of some of the fundamental mathematical equations governing the fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena, its emphasis is not to teach the theory behind the technology but to help the participants apply the knowledge gained into practical use of commercial CFD codes, particularly ANSYS Fluent.
Date: December 14, 2015 - December 14, 2016
Contact Email:
Organizer: Sharon Curtis
Softwares: ANSYS
Deadlines: December 14, 2015 (registration)
Type of Event: Online Event, International

The course has six modules and provides 
detailed explanation
of how to set up, run and interpret the 
results of CFD
models for eight different case studies 
from ANSYS Fluent®
and covers all the necessary theoretical 
background for the
following industrial applications of 
Computational Fluid

This is a 6-week, online, instructor-led 
course, allowing
you to work at your own pace and 
convenience.  It is
estimated that in total, the course will 
approximately 24 hours of work on the part 
of the student. 
Event record first posted on May 27, 2013, last modified on November 6, 2015

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