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ERCOFTAC Introductory Course to Design Optimisation
The present course will offer an introduction by experts to the basic methods used in design optimisation. These presentations will cover: Genetic Algorithms; Evolution Strategies; Gradient-based Methods; Sensitivity Analysis; Meta-models / Neural networks; Optimisation Set-Up; Commercial Optimisation Tools; Test Cases for Demonstration on “How It Works”.
Date: April 6, 2005 - April 8, 2005
Location: School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group on Design Optimisation
Special Fields: Optimization
Softwares: CFdesign
Deadlines: March 4, 2005 (registration)
Type of Event: Course, International

Event record first posted on November 11, 2004, last modified on November 12, 2004

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