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► 17 New/Updated CFD Jobs Since Last Week
    5 Jul, 2015 

The following new or updated CFD jobs have been posted in the  

CFD Jobs Database since last week (Sun, Jun 28, 2015):

#12832: Chemical Kinetics (DARS): Application Specialist (m/f)
CD-adapco, Job in Industry
United Kingdom, London

#12831: INTERN Application Engineer/Developer - Multi Phase Flow
EXA Corporation, Job in Industry
United States, CALIFORNIA, San Franciso (Brisbane)

#12830: Computational Scientist in Computational Fluid Dynamics and HPC
Science and Technology Facilities Council, PostDoc Position
United Kingdom, Warrington, Daresbury

#12829: Multi-phase flow simulation of boiling water reactors
Imperial College London, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom

#12828: INTERN Application Engineer/Developer - Multi Phase Flow
EXA Corporation, Internship
United States, CALIFORNIA, San Franciso (Brisbane)

#12827: CFD Engineer
infiDOF Solutions, Job in Industry
India, Karnataka, Bengaluru

#12826: Ingenieur / Berechnungsingenieur (m/w)
Geldner Ingenieurberatung, Job in Industry
Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe

#12825: C++ Developer
NUMECA International S.A, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#12824: Windpower blade structure dersigner
Zhuzhou Times New Materials Technologies Co., Ltd. Wind Power, Job in Industry
China, Hunan, Zhuzhou

#12823: Research Fellows/Assistants (2)
Queens University Belfast, Job in Academia
United Kingdom, Antrim, Belfast

#12822: 2 Scientific Programmers or Postdocs (f/m)
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, PostDoc Position
Germany, Hamburg

#12821: PHD Studentship - Investigation of wind storm loading and failu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Strathclyde, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Glasgow

#12776: CFD Process Engineer (OpenFOAM)
Manor F1 Team, Job in Industry
United Kingdom, Bicester, Banbury, Silverstone, Milton Keynes

#12745: CFD and experimental investigation of droplet formation
Mechanical Engineering, National University of Ireland Galway, PhD Studentship
Ireland, Galway

#12697: Faculty Position at the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Job in Academia
Turkey, Istanbul

#12608: Visualization Development Engineer
NUMECA International S.A, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#12146: Postdoctoral Fellows in Combustion
Peking University, PostDoc Position
China, Beijing, Beijing

To learn more about these jobs please visit the CFD Jobs Database at

► Tecplot Chorus 2015 Release 2 Now Available
    1 Jul, 2015 

Tecplot Chorus 2015 R2 has a new Color by Filter Violations option in 2D scatter plots that allows you to easily visualize constraints.

Selected Cases View lets you make quick comparisons by seeing which cases are selected in each view. You no longer have to scroll through hundreds of cases in Table View.

License-roaming allows you to use Tecplot Chorus for a period of time while traveling or working from home, even without access to the license server.

The Delimited Text Reader now supports an optional second header row for specifying variable type and nature.

► Design Methods for Superior Cavitation Performance Pump Impellers and Inducers | Free webinar | 29 July
    1 Jul, 2015 

Pumps and hydrodynamic design engineers often face the challenging task of designing pumps with high stage performance and high cavitation resistance, a task that more often than not relies on multiple, lengthy, 3D CFD multiphase runs to evaluate cavitation criteria. But despite affordable availability of parallel CFD this process is still very much trial & error dependant with long computing times which drastically drop the engineer productivity and increase development costs.

Short Abstract:

In this webinar we will present the latest findings and developments in advanced blade design methods to effectively and directly control both the hydrodynamic and cavitation performance in pump impellers and inducers. Particular emphasis will be given to the development and transfer of design know-how for rapid and systematic design of high performance impellers and inducers.

During this webinar we will present and demonstrate the following cases:

  • Live demonstration: The parametric design of mixed flow pump stage for high efficiency and improved cavitation performance, including detailed 3D CFD analysis and test results in hydrodynamic cavitation visualisation tunnel
  • Design of an inducer for cryogenic pumps to enhance the stage cavitation performance
  • Live Demonstration: Optimizing the geometry of an inducer for improved cavitation performance by using 3D inverse design method

The webinar will conclude highlighting generality of the design method and how optimal blade loading for high efficiency and superior cavitation performance can be applied for the systematic design of pumps.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • How to directly control pump and inducer cavitation performance since early phases of the design process
  • Identify and develop optimal blade loading to systematically enhance cavitation performance of your pump impeller and inducer
  • How to make use of modern design tools to reduce your computational and development costs while improving product performances

In an attempt to accomodate your schedule we will be hosting a live webinar at both 9AM BST and 12PM EDT.

► 2nd International Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering and Health Sciences , Dec 2015, Malaysia
  30 Jun, 2015 

Malaysia, December 19, 2015

Two day International Conference
on Computational Methods in Engineering and Health
Sciences (ICCMEH-2015) serves the purpose of bringing
together the computational scientists and engineers and
medical fraternity from various interdisciplinary domains
under a common forum. The theme of this
conference will be broad covering
several analytical and numerical techniques, and novel
applications of computational techniques to solve
problems in engineering, health sciences disciplines



In the present era of remarkable technological
achievements in the computational domain new techniques
have been applied in the engineering and health sciences
domain. There is increased necessity to solve complex
problems in computational domains and obtain better
results from the simulations that will be helpful to
clinicians. The proposed two day International Conference
on Computational Methods in Engineering and Health
Sciences (ICCMEH-2015) serves the purpose of bringing
together the computational scientists and engineers and
medical fraternity from various interdisciplinary domains
under a common forum. The latest technological advances
will be shared through a series of keynote lectures and
parallel presentations. This is done to foster various
types of academic collaborations. The theme of this
conference will be broad (but not limited to) covering
several analytical and numerical techniques, and novel
applications of computational techniques to solve
problems in engineering, health sciences, and other
computational disciplines

Authors are required to send a softcopy of the abstract
of original and unpublished research work through email
to or on or
before 30th June 2015. The abstract should be limited to
one A4 size page, which should include the objective,
methodology, results and conclusion. The language of the
conference will be English. Two types of copies of the
full papers, one in MS word and the other in pdf format
with single spacing (12 pt, Times New Roman) should be
submitted. The authors should mention their affiliation
with corresponding addresses, email, telephone and fax
numbers. Submission of the abstract will be accepted only
through email. Upon acceptance, the authors have to
submit the full paper as per conference format to be
given later. The final acceptance of the paper for oral
presentation will be based on peer review. Efforts are on
to tie up with indexed international journals. Papers
which are eligible for the best paper award during the
conference will have an opportunity for publication.

Topics of interest for submission (but not limited to)
 Advanced finite element/difference/volume methods
 Advanced Numerical Algorithms,
 Bio-Composite Materials
 Composite / Material for Engineering Health Sciences
 Computational biology and medicine
 Computational Fluid dynamics
 Computational heat transfer
 Computational mathematics
 Computational mechanics for solids and structures
 Computational mechanics in Oil and Gas
 Computational techniques for applications in
engineering, science, and other disciplines
 Computer aided drug design
 Data intensive computing techniques
 Design of Experiment (DOE)
 Development of software for numerical simulation
 Design / Modeling of Bio Composites / Nano
 Electronic Cooling / Packing
 Health monitoring
 High-performance computing techniques
 Inverse problem
 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems
 Molecular and quantum methods
 Natural Fiber Composites
 Nanotechnology
 Optimization
 Parallel and Distributed Computing
 Protein modelling
 Sequence/structure pattern recognition
Uncertainty analysis
 Validation and verification

► International Workshop on "Advances in Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics" (ACFD-2015), August 12-16, 2015, India
  28 Jun, 2015 

India, August 12-16, 2015

This workshop is ideal for practicing engineers, faculty
and research students who have basic background in either
fluid dynamics or numerical methods and wish to use CFD
to solve real life/research problems. The workshop is
designed to make the participants learn from basics of
CFD to the use of open source CFD to a variety of real
life problems.



Recently, open source simulations software attracted so
much attention because it is free of cost and flexible.
However, using Open source CFD requires additional skill
sets. The purpose of present workshop is to introduce the
participants with CFD fundamentals, open source CFD and
its advantages and limitation along with its use for
solving a variety of problems.

Highlights of the Workshop:
• Second edition of a popular course designed for the
users of CFD.
• Delivered in most interactive and participative manner
using the best pedagogical practices.
• Good for young teachers to improve their teaching
skills, also. Methodical treatment connecting the Fluid
Dynamics, its Mathematics and Computational software.
• Exposure to open source CFD software.
• Overview of present state-of-the-art of CFD and future
scope of research and applications of CFD.
• Review at the end of each day.

On completion of this workshop, the participants will be
• To know the underlying principles of the CFD software
• To be able to understand the use of open source
• To be able to acquire additional skills required to use
open source CFD.
• To know the possible applications and research areas.

► Online course on Advanced CFD, Aug 2015, India
  26 Jun, 2015 

India, August 17, 2015

100 % Interactive online sessions through skype/desktop
sharing, from NICE CFD



100 % Interactive online sessions.Timings convenient to the
faculty and students.

Faculty with 15 years experience in CFD analysis in India
and abroad.

Visit below link for faculty profile.

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