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► New batch on CFD with OpenFOAM
  20 Oct, 2016 

New batch on CFD with OpenFOAM. Starting from basics to Advanced level. The course structure can be seen at

For more information, you can email to

► SoftInWay Unveils Newly Redesigned Website
  18 Oct, 2016 

Burlington, MA, October 12 , 2016 – It was with crossed fingers and excited jitters that the SoftInWay team launched the new and improved The past few months had been leading up to the release of a fully redesigned and user-friendly browsing experience and the company couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the website go live.

The site includes extensive product information that will assist SoftInWay customers and clients in finding their own personalized solution tailored to their turbomachinery design, optimization and analysis needs. One of the most relevant updates that have been made includes the reflection of all of the new main software modules found in the company’s flagship software suite – AxSTREAM 3.5. Whether you need to conduct meanline or streamline analysis, profiling and blade design, rotor dynamics analysis, economic calculations and ROI of your project, or conduct a CFD or FEA analysis, each and every one of these capabilities is easily accessible via SoftInWay’s revamped user friendly design.

On the home page alone, users can browse by not only software solutions, but also engineering service solutions, or education and training needs. With its sleek design and refreshing look, the website is constructed with a similar goal as SoftInWay’s software platform – to save the user precious time on their project, be it designing a new turbines from scratch, analyzing secondary flow systems, or conducting thermodynamic cycle calculations for a nuclear steam power plants.

“When we began this project back in the summer of this year, it was with the user’s needs in mind. Clients and engineers are extremely busy with their day-to-day projects and the last thing they need is to sink time and energy looking for the tools to complete them, whether it be an entire software platform, a module, or some extra hands. If someone is in need of profiling and blade design, within two clicks, they are exactly where they need to be. The same goes for a company working on a centrifugal fan design or an axial turbine. Within three clicks, they can contact our able team at any time for more information and will receive an answer in industry leading time. This website reflects the same type of streamline solutions that we offer our customers through our software and services and we couldn’t be prouder of it “ said Valentine Moroz, the COO of SoftInWay Inc.

The new website, allows for easier navigation, seamless accessibility to a live person through the live chat and contact form features, and registration of classes as well as access to a bevy of turbomachinery resources. It also includes the latest software features released by the company.


About SoftInWay Inc.

SoftInWay Inc. is a global engineering company specializing in developing efficient turbomachinery and power plants by offering their industry leading turbomachinery development platform, AxSTREAM ® for design, redesign, analysis, and optimization of power plant cycles, and turbomachinery components, as well as consulting services and educational courses.

Website: Telephone: +1-347-580-1459

► Best Practices in Combustion CFD Internal Combustion Engines November 2-3 2016 TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  17 Oct, 2016 

Coordinators: Profs L. Vervisch, A. Sadiki & D. Roekaerts Organiser: Dr Richard E. Seoud ================================================== registration Open for registration ==================================================

Background and objectives: ========================== Design and operation of modern combustion engines faces the need to combine high efficiency with low pollutants emissions, even under real traffic conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics has become a powerful tool in design and analysis of internal engines. Many numerical models exist, each having a range of applicability, computational cost and accuracy. Consequently, CFD experts involved in internal engine simulations, in addition to usual CFD skills, need specific insight and knowledge in spray and combustion modelling in order to conduct thorough analysis. The present course addresses this need.

In this course, the participants will learn the best practices in CFD of internal engines. They will discover how to select models, how to validate numerical simulations, and which accuracy to expect. Spray injection, flame ignition, flame propagation, pollutants emissions, efficiency and knock effects, including complex fuels, are critical issues in the design of modern internal engines and a major part of the course is devoted to them.

The lectures of this course, all by well-known experts in the field, cover from basics to applications.

The course is held at the occasion of the publication of the ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guide on CFD of combustion, a copy of which will be provided to the participants.

In the course also the link will be made with the CFD programs and cases of interest for the participants. As a result, the course provides the means for CFD analysts to significantly enhance their use of commercial and open-source CFD software for combustion engineering applications.

► 27 New/Updated CFD Jobs Since Last Week
  16 Oct, 2016 

The following new or updated CFD jobs have been posted in the  

CFD Jobs Database since last week (Sun, Oct 9, 2016):

#13844: Faculty Positions in Compressor Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity
School of Power and Energy, NPU, Job in Academia
China, XI'AN

#13843: PhD / PostDoc Positions in droplet cloud/ dust cmbustion
Stanford University, PhD Studentship
United States, CA, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford

#13842: Post-Doctoral Researcher (Multiphase Reacting Flow CFD)
NREL, PostDoc Position
United States, Colorado, Golden

#13841: CFD Application Engineer
CD-adapco India Private Limited, Job in Industry
India, Karnataka, Bangalore

#13840: Release Manager
NUMECA International S.A, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13839: Development Engineer - FSI Group
NUMECA International S.A, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13838: Graphical User Interface Software Engineer
NUMECA International S.A, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13837: CAD Developer
NUMECA International S.A, NUMRI, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13836: Project and Consulting Engineer
NUMECA International S.A, NUMFLO, Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13835: Study of inhomogeneous turbulence by DNS
IDMEC/IST - University of Lisbon, PhD Studentship
Portugal, Lisboa

#13834: Study of viscoelastic shear free flows by DNS
IDMEC/IST - University of Lisbon, Portugal, PhD Studentship

#13833: Unstable modes interactions in a jet with nonlinear PSE
ONERA, PostDoc Position
France, Toulouse

#13832: Performance Combustion Engineer
Renault Sport Racing/ Physics Performance Group, Job in Industry
France, 91, Viry-Chatillon

#13831: Regional Sales Account Manager
NUMECA International S.A , Job in Industry
Belgium, Brussels

#13830: Open Rank Faculty in Dynamic Systems & Control
Virginia Tech - Mechanical Engineering, Job in Academia
United States, Virginia, Blacksburg

#13829: Development and prototyping of forged bio-implants
Engineering School - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos-CONICET, PostDoc Position
Argentina, Entre Ríos, Oro Verde

#13828: Post-doc in CFD analysis of microbial community dynamics
Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology, Job in Industry
Austria, Vienna, Vienna

#13827: Particle transport in gas-liquid systems / Experimental work
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Internship
Germany, Dresden

#13826: PhD Studentship in Advanced Modelling of Turbulent Spray Flames
Coventry University, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Coventry

#13825: CFD Research Specialist
ThinkSOLN EnGen, Job in Industry

RCPE GmbH , Job in Academia
Austria, Steiermark, Graz

#13822: Senior CFD Modeller
Tidal Lagoon Power, Job in Industry
United Kingdom, Gloucestershire, Gloucester

#13803: E13: HPC approaches for DNS & ODTLES type of flow simulations
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg LS Numerische Strömungs- und Gasdynamik, PhD Studentship
Germany, Brandenburg, Cottbus

#13785: PhD in Propulsion Systems and Boundary Layer Ingestion
Cranfield University, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Bedfordshire, Cranfield

#13778: CFD Application Engineer
CD-adapco India Private Limited, Job in Industry
India, New Delhi, New Delhi

#13761: Research Fellow in Computational Aeroelasticity
University of Southampton, Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, PostDoc Position
United Kingdom, Southampton

#13730: Fire Radiation Measurement and Modelling
IIT Roorkee, PhD Studentship
India, Uttarakhand, Roorkee

To learn more about these jobs please visit the CFD Jobs Database at

► Caelus v6.10 released
  15 Oct, 2016 

The next version of Caelus, 6.10 was released yesterday. Efforts continue to be put toward robustness and performance, with attention directed toward the linear solvers in this release. The new preconditioners/smoother are considerably more robust and yield about a 15-25% performance improvement over the existing ones.

To find out more about the features and improvements in this release, visit the Applied CCM Website @

► CFD Day 2016, Nov 2016, Italy
  14 Oct, 2016 

Italy, November 30, 2016

CFD Day - The role of thermal analysis in electronic design and in complex fluid systems

In this seminar attendees will have the possibility to know the state of the art of CFD applications in electronic design and in the design of complex fluid systems. 3 cases from industry will be presented together with tolls such as FloEFD, FloTHERM and Flomaster. The language of the seminar is Italian.

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