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► F1 Engineer Talks Winning CFD Workflow - Live Event Tuesday
  25 Nov, 2015 

Optimized CFD Workflow a Winning Formula in Motorsports

Live Webinar - Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 10:00 EST

Please join Torbjörn Larsson from Creo Dynamics AB, and Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Intelligent Light, to learn how FieldView XDB workflow enables Formula One teams to achieve their throughput goals.


  • How F1 teams rely on automation to achieve exceptional results
  • Why traditional automated post-processing is no longer feasible
  • How FieldView XDB workflow makes success possible
  • How you can benefit from XDB workflow to get high-quality results faster, save less data and share results across your entire enterprise

Speaker Biography Torbjörn Larsson has an impressive background in aerodynamics and CFD methodology. His track record in Formula 1, most recently at Ferrari, establishes him as a preeminent CFD workflow engineer. He has been instrumental in building up the CFD department for the Sauber F1 team and has since led the CFD teams at Sauber, BMW and Ferrari to much success in Formula 1.

Mr. Larsson is a fluid dynamics and CFD methodology engineering consultant at Creo Dynamics AB, helping organizations improve the efficiency of their CFD operations.

► OpenFOAM on 32 Cores and 450GB RAM 24 Hours for Free
  25 Nov, 2015 

Would you like to run your OpenFOAM project on 32 cores and 450GB RAM 24 hours for free?

This is a free trial offer, from UberCloud running on a dedicated, powerful Azure instance. Pre-installed software:

OpenFOAM version 2.3 OpenFOAM third party libraries, including ParaView OpenFOAM source, tutorials and examples Salome version 7.5.1 for CAD and post processing Gmsh version 2.10 for automatic 3D finite element meshing cfMesh version 1.1 for your meshing work-flows Python, swak4foam for automation Office suite for report generation Centos version 6 with full desktop functionality

First come, first served, apply now. To register please submit a request through the link below and state you are responding to the ad on cfd-online. Make sure that you supply your LinkedIn profile URL and your full name; since only people with CFD experience are being accepted.

► Using Cradle scSTREAM to Analyze Air Flow in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  25 Nov, 2015 

The Hirata Corporation designs, engineers, and produces manufacturing production systems. They used Cradle scSTREAM to analyze the air flow in semiconductor wafer manufacturing equipment where the production space must be kept absolutely clean.

In this narrated interview, Takahiro Motoyama and Michitaka Matsumura from the Development Division at the Hirata Corporation discuss how Cradle scSTREAM CFD simulations were used to investigate nitrogen dispersion for preventing semiconductor wafer oxidation during transport.

► EnSight introduces EnSight MR – CFD Visualization for Mixed Reality
  23 Nov, 2015 

Apex, NC (November 23, 2015) – EnSight, the leading post-processor for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data, is making strides into the virtual reality market. In September, EnSight launched its newest product, EnSight MR designed to work with Canon Mixed Reality (MR) headsets.

Mixed Reality is a form of virtual reality that overlays virtual images into any physical environment. Video game developers have been experimenting with using MR technology to display game elements on walls and tables. Now, with the advent of technology like the Canon MR platform, scientists and engineers can use MR headsets and CFD software to explore any complex physical scenario, including asteroids striking the earth and car accidents. This unique form of visualization is designed to help analysts better evaluate the physics of these scenarios by immersing them in the data, allowing them to see new angles and aspects of each experiment in real time.

With Canon’s Mixed Reality hardware, engineers can see their virtual models both full sized and scaled to their desktop, allowing for visualization of the model in any physical space. Users of the system can also manipulate their model using tactile input methods, eliminating the distraction of a keyboard and mouse and allowing for full immersion into the model experience. This immersive experience provides unique understanding of the simulation data, and can lead to better decision-making.

EnSight has long been the leading post-processing tool for visualizing, analyzing and communicating data from computer simulations and experiments. It is used by product engineers all over the world in industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, energy production and high-tech manufacturing.

“EnSight MR on the Canon MREAL Platform strikes a balance between the visualization advantages of impressive, but expensive, CAVES or RAVE VR facilities and cheap 3D goggles, which simply block out the real world,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Darin McKinnis. “By providing simultaneous view of the real world and the simulation results, Canon MREAL prevents nausea and disorientation common to other immersive VR systems. That’s why CEI is pleased to introduce native support for the Canon MREAL system within EnSight MR.”

CEI demonstrated the power of EnSight MR at their Japan Users Conference in Tokyo, Japan and can provide demonstrations in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles upon request. Canon began demonstrating Canon MR at Canon Expo events in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai in September 2015.


EnSight is a visualization software program designed by, Computational Engineering International, Inc. (CEI, Inc.) in Apex, North Carolina. Founded in 1994, the employee-owned company has additional offices in Houston, Detroit, Germany, China, Japan and India. EnSight helps design engineers in aerospace, defense, combustion, energy production, and high-tech manufacturing better understand their data in environments that require precision. For more information visit

► Short Term course on Computer Aided Engineering: Applied CFD and Applied FEM, Jan 2016, India
  22 Nov, 2015 

India, January 18, 2016

This course has been designed to provide SKILL to the students/faculty/industry engineers on industry standard tools and practices using Applied CFD and Applied FEM.

► 19 New/Updated CFD Jobs Since Last Week
  22 Nov, 2015 

The following new or updated CFD jobs have been posted in the  

CFD Jobs Database since last week (Sun, Nov 15, 2015):

#13143: NO Pressure! No Boss! No Work Tension! Work While
EN Advertising, Job in Industry
India, Tamil Nadu, chennai

#13142: Graduate student: Acoustic coupling in supercritical flows
University of Waterloo, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, PhD Studentship
Canada, Ontario, Waterloo

#13139: CFD Berechnungsingenieur (m/w)
ITB GmbH, Job in Industry
Germany, Baden Württemberg, Stuttgart

#13138: PhD Studentships in Aerospace Engineering
University of Southampton, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Southampton

#13137: Wiss. Mitarbeiterin/Mitarbeiter
TU Darmstadt, Job in Academia
Germany, Hessen, Darmstadt

#13133: Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Waterloo, Applied Mathematics, Job in Academia
Canada, Ontario, Waterloo

#13129: Research Fellow in micro UAV acoustics
ISAE Supaéro, Job in Academia
France, Toulouse

#13128: Assistant professor in fluid mechanics (three positions)
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Job in Academia
Sweden, Stockholm

#13127: Amélioration de conditions limites immergées
Onera, Internship
France, Chatillon

#13126: Computational Scientist – CFD and HPC – IRC210358
Science and Technology Facilities Council, Misc
United Kingdom, Warrington

#13125: F+E-Mitarbeiter/in (Dissertation möglich)
Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH, Job in Industry
Austria, Styria, Graz

#13124: Sales Person
Germany, Potsdam

#13123: Group leader/research scientist (f/m, Ref. MPIM-W016)
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, PostDoc Position
Germany, Hamburg

#13122: Sr.Engineer/Engineer - Aerodynamic Methods & Automation
LM Wind Power Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, Job in Industry
India, Karnataka, Bangalore

#13121: Postdoc position in respiratory fluid mechanism
Department of Otolaryngology, Ohio State University, PostDoc Position
United States, Ohio, Columbus

#13091: Research Fellow in Vented Explosion Modelling
University of Warwick, PostDoc Position
United Kingdom, Coventry

#12915: PostDoc in SUSTC
South University of Science and Technology of China, PostDoc Position
China, Guangdong, Shenzhen

#12819: Computational Aeroelasticity for Next-generation Aircraft
University of Southampton, PhD Studentship
United Kingdom, Southampton

#12385: Computational Physcis Postdoc
X-Computational Physics Division, LANL, PostDoc Position
United States, New Mexico, Los Alamos

To learn more about these jobs please visit the CFD Jobs Database at

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