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eishinsnsayshin January 16, 2012 10:58

Double Elements-Ansa Volume Mesh
I've previously been using Tgrid for my volume mesh. I'm trying to start using Ansa now (where I've been doing my surface mesh). I'm new to volume meshing in Ansa and I'm running into a double elements error. I have a closed volume of FE's and I'm trying to "define" the volume. When I go to auto detect the volume using Volume>Define>Auto Detect, i get an error that says "Double elements Found. Cannot Continuee !!"

Ansa gives me the coordinates of the error and when I look there, I have nice looking surface mesh. There are no intersections, the skewness is low, orientation has been completed and is correct, and I've compressed all decks so there are no duplicate nodes. It's a really random location that Ansa is pointing to.

Is anyone familiar with this error and/or what a double element is? Thanks!

vangelis January 18, 2012 05:12

Hi there,

I would like to suggest that you use
D.UTIL>CHECK>DUPLICATE function from the bottom button menu.
A window will open. If ANSA has not detected the message will be in green. If it has detected, the message will be in orange. Expand the tree and select the listed entries with Show Only right click option.

Hope this helps

Best regards


faizahad January 19, 2012 08:34

cfd quality criteria
Would u please send cfd quality criteria. I am using ansa 13.0

vangelis January 19, 2012 09:04

I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest ANSA v13.2.

Do you want the default quality criteria for CFD meshing? They are included in the software.

In the old 13.0 series you must start ANSA with the option
-gui cfd

In the newer versions, from v13.1
you can select from the launcher to start in CFD mode.

All the default settings will be loaded.

Hope this helps

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