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makkks October 22, 2012 23:16

Boolean Function for Script
Hi guys,

I was just wondering if any1 knows the function which creates BOOLEAN thru script :confused:
I checked ansys help, WB scripting but I am not able to find any function or example which depicts how to boolean bodies via script.
Please please if any1 has any idea then let me know.:D


diamondx October 23, 2012 20:58

as far as i know scripting in designmoder applies to sketches only.
Am i wrong ??

makkks October 23, 2012 21:04

Hi Diamondx,

Thanks for reply.
Well U can record only sketching bit in designmodeler but there are heaps of different function with which u can do revolve, extrude, freeze and all which you may b able to find in Ansys help.
Basically in my model , I m doing sketching, revolving, freezing then boolean and forming new part.
Other than Boolean I was able to do everything thru script.
Basically Boolean and few functions like Body operation are not documented by ansys which is stopping me to go ahead!

makkks October 25, 2012 01:08

Any1 has any idea??:(

Blunaigel April 29, 2014 09:15

Did you find any solution?
I'm looking for the same information right now.

Nigirim April 30, 2014 02:47

Hi Blunaigel and makkks,

the scriptcommand to create a boolean should be

It is not documented like many more commands.

I have never used this command before so I can only tell you it exists but not how it works.

If I find something else I will edit it in this post.


Kapi November 6, 2014 18:19

Nigirim you are right.

To create Boolean function


and to access the item in it, you have to use listview like


ag.listview.ActivateItem("Tool Bodies");
once you have activated this item you can select body and "Apply" similarly.

Hope this helps

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