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rjd150 December 5, 2012 21:40

Aneurysm + Stent Meshing !
I need some advice. As part of my research our lab focuses on virtual stenting and coiling in patient specific aneurysms. We have traditionally used ICEM CFD to mesh the aneurysm geometry and deployed stent geometry but the problem is it is difficult to resolve the stent geometry without creating a crazy amount of elements. We volume mesh both the aneurysm and stent geometry, then import the mesh into Star-CD, then delete the "shell" elements that represent the stent so we can perform CFD. Can anyone think of a better way of doing this?? Does ICEM CFD have some type of Embedded mesh technique or Immersed Boundary that can be used to resolve the stent meshing issue? Another problem is that since the stent is quite small compared to the parent vessel, ICEM creates dozens of "CREATED MATERIAL" that I believe represent the small volume gaps between the stent geometry. I've tried importing the volume mesh into CFX, but finding and deleting these "shell" elements like we do in Star-CD is not as cut and dry. Is there an easy way in CFX to distinguish between "shell" and the volume elements so the deletion of the stent is easier??

Sorry for the long response but help is appreciated!

energy382 December 6, 2012 07:54

I think, we need some pics or geometry (.tin-file) least I do :D

maybe you can use BFC for your project:

rjd150 December 6, 2012 13:29

1 Attachment(s)
I attached an image of what I'm talking about. As you can see, the stent geometry is very small compared to the flow domain.

beags March 22, 2013 09:19

Have you considered using a hexacore mesh in the centre and a finer tetrahedral near the walls and stent struts as I assume your only interested in whats happening there.

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