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Stamatis May 31, 2009 19:12

Meshing & Exporting a Domain of Different Sub-Volumes
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Hello everyone,

As I said in a previous post I am working on modelling cooling of a ventilated disc brake.

I have taken a 12 degree repeating sector of the geometry which I intend to model using a rotating frame of reference.

My problem is that although I have subdivided the original geometry (imported as a step file) into various subvolumes, as you can see in my first attachment, and have managed to mesh it (poorly I know, but I am just trying for now), as you can see in my second attachment,
when I try to export it it is OK but when I import into CFX I get a reading error saying something like "premature file end".

I read somewhere that I need to link the face meshes of something to be able to have a .msh file that can be read. I really don't know what this means or how to do it.

Could someone PLEASE spare a few moments to lay down a few steps I need to follow when subdividing a volume (in case I am making a mistake there) and when meshing the separate volumes, as I don't know if I am missing a step out or if I am doing something totally wrong and messing up the .msh file.

Have a look at my attachments, it is quite critical that I manage to import to CFX soon.

Thanks in advance and I hope I can get some help.:)

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