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idir December 8, 2010 10:08

import geometry in DesignModeler

I have a 3D geometry that was built in CAD software, when I imported into Ansys DesignModeler I could not parameterized it (set up dimensions of the different parts (height, lengths, radius ,...)).

anyone know how can I do that?

thank you in advance

bob12 December 20, 2010 06:17

to parameterize the geomery you can quote the dimension (for example diameter or lenght) and in left box of the dimension you able it. now i don't know if it possible with a imported geometry. i think that you import the file from a cad you can do it.

MEDI December 21, 2010 06:30

thank you for your reply
but unfortunately, is not possible with imported géometry,
I'm really stuck:confused:

PSYMN December 21, 2010 13:31

Option 1) Parameterize changes to the model
Right, you can not parameterize imported geometry in DM... But there are three options. This post has the first, parameterize changes to the model...

So, say you have a half inch hole. You could parameterize it by creating a sketch of a circle centered on the hole and then parameterize that sketch. Then extrude the sketch to remove material and make the hole bigger. As long as your parameters are larger than the half inch of the hole, it will make the sketch circle larger than the hole so that the extrude and remove material will make the hole larger by the parameterized amount...

Similarly, if you wanted to extend the end of a pipe, you could create a sketch on the end (extract the shape of the end of the pipe) and then extrude that by some parameterized distance... (add material to make the pipe longer or remove material to make the pipe shorter, but a parameter can only go in one direction).

PSYMN December 21, 2010 13:35

Option 2) Back to CAD...
Many people still use IGES or ACIS or what ever because they forget that you can read in a model directly from the CAD system... The original model is usually parametric, but the parametric info is lost when you output in a neutral format.

If you have access to the original CAD model and can bring that it, then you can have all the parametric control of the original model... Actually, WB has bidirectional control, so if you change it in the CAD, you can update in DM, or you can change it in DM and push the changes back to the CAD...

You can flag important parameters with a prefix (like WB_) if you don't want all the parameters coming thru...

PSYMN December 21, 2010 13:38

Option 3) SpaceClaim
SpaceClaim is a beautiful tool that lets you easily parameterize dead geometry for analysis...

Check out youtube or their website for more info...

There is also an ANSYS version of SpaceClaim built right into WB...

Either way, this is a great tool and I highly recommend it. If it were a publically traded company, I would definitely buy stock.

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