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EphemeralMemory October 10, 2011 15:20

Question about Geometry vs. Meshes
Hello, I have a question regarding Ansys geometry.

I have a bit of experience in generating meshes, but my experience thus far has been of a low user-grade quality. I have a few questions about the differences in meshes and geometry.

Something I suspect is that geometry information has no volumetric proportion. All of the volumetric meshes I create for CFD are tetrahedralized because I need the interior geometry in CFD.

Something that would make my life in COMSOL easier is the export of a volumetric geometry file. Is it possible to export a geometry file (not a mesh) that has interior geometry?

I use COMSOL now as the solver; and there are only a few geometry files that ANSYS can export that are importable into COMSOL.

Thanks for your assistance.

PSYMN October 12, 2011 13:44

So you want to export a solid rather than the surface data?

Some formats only export surface data (ICEM CFD is a surface modeler) and volumes are simply defined by a closed set of surfaces. Other formats such as Parasolid, actually include the additional meta data that the geometry is a solid...

What ANSYS geometry tool are you planning to export from?

If DesignModeler (DM), it shouldn't be a problem.

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