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hda January 21, 2012 20:10

Displaying solid domains in CFD Post without meshing them.
I am doing a 2D internal flow simulation. I want the enclosing solid domains to be visible in the post processing. For example, I need the wall thickness of a pipe to be visible, not only its inner boundary.

If I suppress the solid domains and mesh only the fluid ones, all I see in CFD Post are the fluid domains and their boundaries.

If I mesh both the solid and fluid domains, I see the solid domains grayed out in CFD Post. Great, but isn't there a way to avoid the unnecessary meshing of the solid domains?

How can we display solid domains in post-processing without actually meshing them?

Any ideas?

PSYMN January 24, 2012 00:03

It is the mesh that is sent from the mesher to the solver, so no, I don't think there is any way around meshing those solid regions if you want to post process with them...

However, they could probably be meshed very coarsely if you were trying to reduce the size of the file.

hda January 24, 2012 00:21


Yes, that's what I do now, a very coarse mesh.

I thought, in Workbench environment, solid domain data in Design Modeler could somehow be incorporated to CFD Post, without Mesher and Solver seeing those domains.

This could actually be a useful improvement to the software for visualizing complex enclosures without unnecessarily meshing them.

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