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E S June 28, 2012 23:37

ANSYS CFD-Post scripting - Extract Results
I need to run a large number of simulations based on very similar conditions, with slightly different meshes.
I have managed to create the python script that sets up each simulation and creates the solution, however, I am not sure what code to use in order to extract information from the results.

What I want, is the Mass Flow on outlet for example (which, in the GUI is obtained through Calculators --> Function Calculator)

Is there a way to extract this value without accessing the GUI?

(I don't have much experience with ANSYS Scripting / Python, so any help would be great).


ghorrocks June 29, 2012 07:58

Simple: put a monitor point in the simulation to return the mass flow on your outlet. Then use the cfx5mon command to get the data from the command line (or in your case a python script)

E S July 1, 2012 21:13

Great, thanks for that.

I have actually found an alternative which is equivalent to using the function calculator

if the following is saved as batchtest.cse in the same folder as the .res file:

! $filePath = getValue("DATA READER","Current Results File");
! $Pout = massFlow("inlet");
! print "\nPressure at inlet is $Pout\n";

it can then be executed in cmd using:

cfx5post -batch batchtest.cse runName_001.res

(ensure that cfx5post is added to the current path)

that way, any of the 'Function Calculator' options can be executed by changing the middle line

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