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siw April 18, 2013 07:13

Simulation with a rotating frame within another?

Is it possible to model this scenario in CFX?

A vertical axis wind turbine which has an odd number of blades (seen topics about this before). So this would be a rotating domain containing the blades inside a stationary domain for the surroundings connected via a GGI. The rotation of the turbine is only driven by the wind speed, it's not a known value beforehand.

However, the extra bit I need to include is that each blade constantly pitches (about a hinge axis fixing the blade to the hub) during a single 360 degree rotation of the turbine. The pitching behaviour is only due to the aerodynamic loads on the blade which change depending upoon if the blade is advancing or retreating relative to the freestream wind. This blade pitching would also contribute to the speed of the entire turbine. I guess this would involve putting each blade in a rotating domain which are themselves inside the turbine's rotating domain, all connected with GGIs.


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