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selvam2487 May 4, 2013 10:40

Restarting a CFX simulation from last stop

I am running a transient simulation in ANSYS CFX with a total time of 15 secs and a time step of 0.001 sec. But the wall clock time allowed in my university cluster is 24 hours after which I have to start the simulation from the point where it stopped. I am new to doing transient simulations and do not know
much as to how to do this. Can any one explain me how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

P.S: I searched this forum for a similar thread, but could not find one. I apologise if the same problem is already present in this forum.


RicochetJ May 4, 2013 12:55

I don't have cfx open infront of me so I'm trying to remember by memory.

If you want to restart from the last timestep and simulation time then:
- in cfx transient settings leave initial time set to automatic
- remove any global initialisation parameters you have set
- go to the solver and before you run the simulation give the .res file from the previous run as the initial coconditions, and make sure you keep the "continue history" check box on.

That should work.

oj.bulmer May 5, 2013 06:41

To add to Ricochet's comment, you can use both "res" and "trn" files to resume your solution.


ghorrocks May 5, 2013 07:39

Another thing to consider - you can use the cfx5stop command to stop a run in progress. It will shut down the slover and write a complete results file of whereever it got to. If you want to be clever you can set up a timed job (maybe using cron) to execute cfx5stop just before your time is up. Make sure you give it enough time to complete the timestep it is working on and write the results file.

Lance May 6, 2013 02:42

And to add to Glenn's comment there is no need for cfx5stop (and cron) if you use the 'Elapsed Wall Clock Time Control/Maximum Run Time' in Solver Control.
However I've found that it can be a bit unreliable if you are using many CPU cores (>100).

oomourad May 27, 2013 08:04

- The first version was released in what year CFX
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Lance May 27, 2013 08:17


Originally Posted by oomourad (Post 430255)
what art schem discritisation used by CFX-code:(

shame on you for breaking almost every forum rule.
Have you even opened the manual?

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