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kalyanasundaram March 3, 2003 08:33

Counter rotating wall
I am modelling a rotor stator cavity.I have modelled the fluid domain as rotating in this I have mentioned the rotor wall as stationary no slip boundary and for stator wall as Counter rotating wall boundary.Is it correct or I have to change the boundary condition.can any body clarify the doubt.

Robin March 3, 2003 16:20

Re: Counter rotating wall
Hi Kalyanasundaram,

Your stator must be in a stationary frame of reference, the rotor in a rotating frame and a frame change interface specified between the two meshes.

A counter-rotating wall is stationary in the stationary frame of reference, thus counter-rotating relative to the rotating frame of reference. Wall motion, however, can only be specified tangential to a wall.

Regards, Robin

Sarma March 20, 2003 00:38

Counter rotating wall
I just want to know, how swirl decays in an annular long cylinders, which are counter rotating. The inlet is having pre-swirl. Is there any empirical relation for this from boundary layer theory? I need some quick help on this.

Glenn Horrocks March 20, 2003 01:13

Re: Counter rotating wall
Hi Sarma,

There will be an analytical answer for the flow you describe provided you can use simple inlet conditions and a simple geometry. Get out your fluid machanics textbooks and give it a shot. There is no need to go to empirical relations.

Regards, Glenn Horrocks

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