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skarp March 23, 2007 05:17

mesh quality improve-ICEM CFD
I am using ICEM CFD,I completed tet mesh the quality is 0.4 and then i give prism layer my quality decreases to 0.03. Can anyone give me any suggestion to improve the quality

Dr Flow Squad March 23, 2007 08:12

Re: mesh quality improve-ICEM CFD
re-smooth with "penta_6 freeze". Maybe with Laplace on.

Otherwise make new prisms with less "total height". Optionally set Prism Height Limit factor to 0.9 (or less than 2).

Fonzie March 23, 2007 09:48

Re: mesh quality improve-ICEM CFD
It might also help to do the following steps:

1. create the tetra-mesh like usual 2. smooth the surface mesh with laplace while switching the tetras to "float" 3. smooth the whole mesh without laplace 4. Create the prisms

Doing that the surface mesh might improve and so might the prisms.

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