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Atit May 3, 2007 08:30

BladeGen documents
Dear all, I am learning to use CFX to solve the flow across the wind turbine. With the softwares I have, I decided to use BladeGen to construct the geometry, then use TurboGrid to generate grid, and use CFX to solve the flow. However now I stucked with BladeGen. I have problems to understand BladeGen's help files. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you very much for your kind consideration.


Dip May 3, 2007 14:13

Re: BladeGen documents
I am also trying do so on a centrifugal compressor. I also got stuck and don't have the help files installed for some reason. My problem is to analyse the rotor-stator interaction. I could not sucessfully create the rotor and stator. But, suppose I can create them, I am not able to understand, how do I integate the rotor (or rotor mesh) and stator( or stator mesh)? Does it need to be done in BladeGen or in TurboGrid.? If possible please forward the help files to my e-mail address, I will try to see if I can make something out of it.

Thanks, Dip

Johnny May 5, 2007 07:02

Re: BladeGen documents
The BladeGen help documentation is terrible. If you are stuck you are not likely to get an answer though the help doc.

Johnny May 5, 2007 07:03

Re: BladeGen documents
BladeGen creates the geometry, TurboGrid meshes the geometry. You cannot create multiple stages in BladeGen. Create your rotor and stator geometries and meshes separately, and import the meshes separately into CFX Pre.

deLuther May 5, 2007 10:13

Re: BladeGen documents
Yes, BladeGen documentation is not good, but it is usable. The only additional documentation was presentation in german... that I saw one time. But I had training... But most infomation I got from help.

Pankaj May 6, 2007 01:20

BladeGen documents
Bladegen uses the theory from a chinese scintist to define the Blades meridional profile and other profiles.First u must have some knowledge about the blade profiles,aerofoil shapes,search on net for this.Then bladegen have some example files in the root directory,refer their profiles. Convert your xyz cordinates to rtz cordinates.use rz in meridional profile and theta in angle definitions,play with it and observe the changes in 3D profile,can give u some clues.

Atit May 6, 2007 12:54

Re: BladeGen documents
To try using BladeGen, I have three questions as follows:

1. I'd like to verify my modeling ability by simulating the NREL Phase II wind turbine which I have the experimental results, but I do not understand some terms. In the 'Basic Machine Parameters' section, it specifies that ================================

- Type of rotor: fixed

- Tilt: 1 degree (blade pitch angle was calibrated assuming 0 degree tilt)

- Cone angle: 3.417 angle ================================ My first question is what this 'tilt' mean? and what is the 'fixed rotor'?

2.In BladeGen, what do 'M-Prime', 'Theta-Prime', 'Blade Lean Angle', and 'Beta' mean?

3. The blade pitch is set to 12 degree. In BladeGen, what is this? Theta or Beta?

Thank you very much for your consideration

Pankaj May 6, 2007 23:59

Re: BladeGen documents
Mr.Atit,What u want is very specific. But as concerned to Bladegen,all the definitions are for the Meridional Profile i.e from leading edge of a Blade to its trailing edge following the root of meanline(Centreline)where % M is Meridional fraction,simillarly in help glossary u will find what is M-prime or other things,these r all blade related definitions,u can search them in any aerofoil or turbine related books.About theta-which is one of the cordinate of r-theta-z cordinate system,which is square root of x2+y2,2is for square.Beta is Blade angle,right click in angle definition,go to angle definition and u can change it.

ahmad786 September 27, 2013 21:42

Can any one tell me how I can change Blade pitch of axial flow turbine in BLADGEN.I searched alot but failed to get answer.PLZ HELP.

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