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jetcheve September 23, 2008 18:03

Meshing or Topology generation error in TurboGrid?
I'm relatively new to TurboGrid, I've done some of the tutorials including the CFX tutorial on how to do a structural analysis by importing the pressure loads generated by a CFX simulation, and applying the loads induced by the rotational velocity of an impeller. I'm trying to do one of my own, using an impeller generated by some operating conditions and other information, using the Vista projects in BladeGen and exporting the project into TurboGrid to mesh.

My BladeGen project seems to go through without any problems and the export and opening in TurboGrid goes smoothly. I'm trying to roughly follow the same outline that the CFX tutorial lays out before venturing off on my own, so I'm not getting too create yet. So for now, I can generate the topology, correct the angles with no problems, and set a shroud tip since my impeller is unshrouded before I run into my problem. After I edit the mesh data, with a request for the inlet and oulet domains to be meshed as well (I used the same parameters for meshing these domains as the tutorial, so I could start playing with them afterwards to see how they affected the mesh, but for now they are the same), I try generating the mesh, and I get the following error:

ERROR There is no valid outlet domain to mesh. Move the outlet or the passage at the hub or shroud closer to the blade to create an outlet domain.

I've seen this error in one other post in the forums, but the response to it really just returns me to the same methods I'm using to setup my mesh initially. Does anyone have any suggestions for what may cause this and/or how I could go about fixing it? I would really appreciate any help offered. Thanks, so much!

F S September 26, 2008 01:37

Re: Meshing or Topology generation error in TurboG
hi turbogrid has given you the solution in the error message itself. In turbogrid the place from where the outlet and inlet domain starts is given by points ( A, R coordinates). If you double click inlet and outlet in your part list you could see this coordinates. Probably you ll have to change the A coordinate/s and bring it/them closer to the blade.

Best of luck

jetcheve September 30, 2008 09:35

Re: Meshing or Topology generation error in TurboG
Thanks, I had tried that, and I figured out my problem not long after I posted this, I only moved one part of the outlet. I appreciate the help!

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