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Toralf October 28, 2008 08:52

turbo problem
hi, after simulation of a turboproblem I would like start the turbotool in cfx-post. after intialization it comes following message: "WARNING failed to initialize component 'component 1' in domain 'rotor' for conversion type 'cartesian to turbo'. I have defindes every part and domain. who can give an advice? thanks.

CycLone October 28, 2008 09:08

Re: turbo problem
Turbo initialization only works for bladed or axisymmetric components, i.e. those that circumferential swept hub, shroud, inlet and outlet locations. If component 1, in your case, is a non turbo component (i.e. an inlet scroll upstream or a volute downstream), it cannot be initialized. Just uncheck the box next to it and Post won't try initializing it.

If it is a turbo component, make sure the hub, shroud, blade, etc. regions are located properly. Post has a pre-defined list of region names it uses to identify these, but you can manually locate them as well.


sam October 29, 2008 13:15

Re: turbo problem
Are you using meshes created in turbogrid?

blackbody April 15, 2010 19:17

i'm having the same probelem!!!

I want to analyse a 1.5 stage axial turbine (which I created with TurboGrid) in the CFD-Post Turbo Mode.
When I want to "Initialize All Components" I get the same error as written above...

I think I set everything correctly:
I created a Stator1 mesh, a Rotor1 mesh and a Stator2 mesh (one blade each).
Than in CFX i used the Turbomachinery tool to set up the whole arrangement.

To get a 2:3:2 ratio for Stator1/Rotor1/Stator2 i applied following:

"Passaged and Alignment" -> "Passages to Model" -> 2, 3, 2 respectively.

Why is that error and what can I do since I really have to use this Turbo Mode in CFD-Post.
Thank you guys very much for your help in advance.

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