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realanony87 June 19, 2009 06:58

High order scheme vs Specified Blend factor 1
I have read that the High order scheme in Ansys CFX v11 is more robust, but less accurate than using a specified blend factor of 1.
However in my simulations of flow around a 3D wing it seems that I have it the other way round
For example my largest max residual with the high order scheme is stuck at around 5e-4 for the momentum in the "lift" direction,
while with a specified blend factor of 1 all momentum residuals go below 1e-4 and with a faster convergence rate towards the end of the simulation ( 0.8 vs 0.9)

Could it be that the default high order scheme's adjustment of the blend factor be causing problems with convergence ?

Other details
My mesh is structured hex, double precision is turned on.
Minimum Orthogonality Angle 30.9
Maximum Aspect Ratio 219.5
Maximum Mesh Expansion Factor 15.3

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