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palofpinaki November 27, 2010 17:37

Putting Boundary Conditions in ANSYS CFX 12.1
Hey Guys!!

I am doing 2-way coupled 'Fluid-Structure Interaction' simulation of blood flow in axisymmetric abdominal aortic aneurysm, using ANSYS 12.1 mechanical and Fluid Flow(CFX).
I have the following questions :-
1) The boundary conditions at the inlet and outlet of the fluid domain are those of velocity and pressure respectively as follows:
uz(r, t) = 1.22um(t)[1−(2r/d)]^(1/7), ur=0 at z = 0
σnn = n p(t)I n at z = Le
I have the time variations of um(t) and p(t) waveforms. How do I put these boundary conditions in ansys Fluid Flow(CFX)??
2) How do I put the boundary condition of symmetry about the centreline??
3) The boundary conditions at the interface between solid and fluid domains include no-slip, displacement and traction boundary conditions. Do I need to put them explicitly or they are assumed on their own by ANSYS?? If I do need to put them, then how??

If anybody could help, it would be great!!

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