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vmlxb6 April 21, 2011 18:07

ANSYS CFX solver exited with return code 2
Does any one know the "Return code 2 error" ?????????????

Thank you

ghorrocks April 26, 2011 22:10

Unfortunately CFX has lots of undocumented error codes. You have to read the error in the context of what is happening at the time. Can you post the out file around the error message?

vmlxb6 April 26, 2011 23:02

In my FORTRAN subroutine I had assumed that NLOC is 1 so I had defined the O/p as RET(1,1). I rectified it later. Thanks though.

One more question:


jfmorissette July 25, 2011 15:46

Hi Vmlxb6,

I have the same problem you had, with a return code 2 using fortran subroutine.

I also asume that my output is only RET(1,1). It is not? How do you know what is NLOC value?

And how do you solve your probleme exactly? You just said you rectified it but how?

Thank you!

vmlxb6 July 25, 2011 16:01

So I used the loop the way they use it in the Air-conditioning tutorial. Just parameters like Nloc is all determined by CFX.

Hope that helps

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