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mshotm2000 March 13, 2011 23:57

Turbulent kinetic energy and energy dissipation at boundary
I read the help of flow 3d, in the section turbulence boundary conditions it's mentioned that the kT and εT in every mesh cell that has one or more of its faces partially blocked or wholly blocked by a rigid wall. To determine boundary values for kT and εT, the usual procedure assumes a local equilibrium between turbulent shear production and decay processes and a law-of-the-wall velocity profile (Rodi 1980). This leads to the values:
KT=(u*^2)/sqrt(CNU), eT= u*^3/kd
now I want to know these equations are valid for all boundary equations such as user define specified velocity or outflow or other boundary conditions? or these equations are invalid just for wall boundary?

MuxaB March 14, 2011 10:22

Hi, these turbulent BC are applied at all walls, including internal and mesh boundaries. they are not used at mesh boundaries where there is no wall - velocity or outflow.

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