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Daveo643 March 5, 2013 16:43

GPU acceleration on ANSYS Fluent 14.5
Hello, I hope someone here is able to help give me a definitive answer to my queries. Fluent 14.5 has support for utilizing supported NVIDIA GPUs to off-load some computation tasks from the CPU with an HPC License (which my institution has). What is not clear from the literature I've read is whether this capability is for a specific set of NVIDIA cards per ANSYS or more general as suggested by NVIDIA. The ANSYS sales reps with whom I'm made this inquiry are also unaware or unsure of this. The published demonstrations I've see utilize Tesla K20 or C2050, e.g. see the below links.

I know there's always a distinction between the definitions of "qualified," "supported," "certified," "tested" and variants when talking about engineering software. We have workstations that variously have NVIDIA Quadro cards and I'm doing my Fluent CFD work on a high-end laptop with a Core i7-2760QM CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX580M with 2GB video RAM and 32GB system RAM, but not one of the cards listed in the above references. For my purposes, I don't need ISV certification but any speed-up will help (running up to a 5.5 million cell transient, turbulent flow model that takes upwards of 48 hours to run on my local machine).

My questions are:
1.) Can I exploit GPU acceleration on the abovementioned GPU not expressly listed by ANSYS?
2.) Does the software poll the GPU ID to determine whether to support GPU acceleration?
3.) Can GPU acceleration be forced to be enabled?

Thanks very much in advance.

Daveo643 March 5, 2013 16:46

PS: Simulations are expressly double precision if that changes anything.

CDollarsign April 3, 2013 18:43

I am also in need of this info, can't find much information on this. How do I know if my GPU is being used, I have a Tesla 2045...

RodriguezFatz April 4, 2013 03:12

As far as I know the GPU can just be used for some special model (radiation?) but not for the NS-solver. Are you aware of that? Thus, every common simulation does not improve by CUDA.

Bollonga April 4, 2013 04:43

I'm also very interested in GPU-acceleration.


Originally Posted by RodriguezFatz (Post 418246)
As far as I know the GPU can just be used for some special model (radiation?) but not for the NS-solver. Are you aware of that? Thus, every common simulation does not improve by CUDA.

I've found this, maybe it's useful:
In page 20 it says Ansys 14.5 solves radiaton heat and AMG solver just beta version.
Here it's similar, for Ansys Fluent just radiation heat transfer.

I guess this is quite limited!

CDollarsign April 4, 2013 10:16

What a disappointment. My lab computer has a Tesla 2045 just waiting to crunch some numbers...

sadegh1068 December 17, 2013 12:20

In ANSYS 15 you can use GPU for solving NS-equation.
you can see this text in ANSYS web site:

"Engineers always need faster solutions, and ANSYS investigates all technologies that will help them do so. At release 15.0, ANSYS Fluent supports solver computation on GPU. This can lead to a speedup of up to 2.5 times.GPU support for the 3-AMG coupled pressure-based solver demonstrates the ANSYS commitment to allowing customers to leverage new and evolving technology, such as GPU, for faster simulation."

Zaktatir December 17, 2013 15:34

You can use GPU but if you get problems on not certified cards you won't have a warranty to get support upon this. This is fortunately quite limited that means the support will afford you to switch GPU if you have problems let's say in speed up or an communication issue.

GPU is not support for multiphase flow.

davidiitk January 27, 2014 07:46

Graphics Card CFD post analysis
I am working on FSI problem. I don't have a graphics card except inbuilt intel. please recommend an appropriate one, mainly for post analysis in fluent.
my range is up to Rs. 50,000/-

dr.chris January 29, 2014 03:38

We have just been doing a little research on this issue.

The word from Ansys is that due to memory limitations on GPU chips they are not suitable for the efficient partitioning of meshes needed to make CFD parallelisation practical. So currently they are limited to ray tracing and the multi-grid solver for the coupled pressure-velocity formulation.

The technology only works with a limited number of GPU cards and its not cheap either. GPU's are more useful for FE calculations but as far as CFD goes it may well be one for the future but not really for now.

TomP February 3, 2014 09:56

Ansys Fluent 15 and a Geforce Titan
Does anybody has some experience with accelerating Ansys Fluent 15 with a Geforce GTX Titan? I have Tesla cards in my cluster but I would like to make a case for an extra card in my workstation for test runs. I just need to know if it works, I'm not interested in the fact that the card is officially supported by Ansys.


robmuggleton February 20, 2014 07:53

k3100m works
I can confirm the my nvidia k3100m works with the fluent solver, using coupled solver. Watching gpu with msi afterburner, gpu fluctuates between 0 and 80%, not at constant percentage.

orangesky March 5, 2014 19:41

The document's been updated from ANSYS that with more 'supported' GPU's and a number of other 'tested' GPU's for FLUENT

I'm ordering a K2000 card so I'm wondering if anyone has yet used the GPU processing on R15? If so, what was it used for and how were the results?

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