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KITetima October 17, 2013 04:09

dynamic meshing 2D compression piston
Hello everybody,

I am studying a 2D Compression in a piston. and my goal is having a speed of 5m/s for the piston and stop to make only one compression.

In FLUENT I have specified the following for the Dynamic Mesh properties:
- PistonHead = Rigid Body - : **piston-full** ;
-topwall- stationary **piston-limit**
- surfacebody = Deforming ;
- sidewalls = deforming;

I actually donīt know how to specified a velocity profile, so I have chosen " in-cylinder " option in the dynamic meshing.

I have enabled Smoothing, and Remeshing.
For the moment I am only considering the movement of the piston. When I am calculating, I got a result of the velocity field for exemple, but I have the impression that the mesh donīt move.

So I have some questions :
how can I insert a velocity profil ?
is it possible to see the evolution in time of the geometrie?

Thanks in advance,

KITetima October 17, 2013 08:00

Does anybody has a tutorial for Ansys 14,0 concerning moving mesh?


vigii November 18, 2013 01:52

Hi Marie,

Let me know If you have solved this problem.

I'm struggling to simulate this problem.

Please help me out if possible.


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