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Adi October 13, 2001 01:55

Help:gas composition in % by vol.
Hi friends,

Currently I am facing the problem to determine simulation exit gas composition in % by volume. I have the gas composition from gasification result such as CO : 0.004431, CH4 : 0.0001466 and O2 : 0.01 in mass fraction.

My question to you all, how to convert the exit mass fraction into % by volume. My purpose is the current result of my gasification study will be compared with others work which are written in % by volume.

Anybody who can help me to assist my problem immediately, will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much

Bye Adi

Greg Perkins October 16, 2001 07:13

Re: Help:gas composition in % by vol.
Try mole fractions!

Volker Pawlik October 23, 2001 05:12

Re: Help:gas composition in % by vol.
For gases mole fractions and vol-fractions are the same. This is due to the property of gases that 1 mole of any gas occupies the same volume at the same conditions (pressure and temperature).

Is'n that called the law of Boyle and Mariotte?

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