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Ankan Kumar January 7, 2003 15:21

Boundary conditions in Fluent

I am new to Fluent. Can anybody tell me how do I put a FULLY DEVELOPED inlet boundary condition for pipe flow in Fluent? The velocity inlet conditon gives me plug flow which is not what I want.

Thanks Ankan

Keil January 7, 2003 22:50

Re: Boundary conditions in Fluent

All we can do such a thing is that we have to customize the boundary condition via User Defined Function(called UDF) . Or, how about extend the inlet to be fully developed flow?.

I mean , we make the inlet region(called entrance region, or inlet length , enctrance length) This length is given by Boussineq or Nikuradse in laminar flow . Latzko in turbulence. When we make this length ,Fully developed flow is got automatically. This way is the most easy way I guess.


Alamgir January 10, 2003 21:08

Re: Boundary conditions in Fluent
For your help further just look UDF manul 1st-3rd chapters and you have a clear idea about your problem.



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