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Arif May 1, 2003 04:02

Periodic boundary condition
I am simulating a flow problem using periodic boundary condition. Two end of a circular tube consider as translational periodic boundary. According to the fluent documentation, we can specify mass flow rate or pressure gradient for periodic boundary condition. In my case I specified mass flow rate. Now I want to calculate pressure loss to compare with standard friction factor correlation. In the article 8.3.2 of user's guide showed that

Local pressure gradient =gradient of periodic component of pressure + gradient of linearly-varying component of pressure

We can get gradient of a linearly-varying component from periodic condition panel. How can we find the gradient of periodic component of pressure? Any help in this regards is greatly appreciated.


ashraf88 December 22, 2013 00:14

Hi Arif
In this case, the "linearly-varying component = beta" is the actual pressure drop across the your domain in which FLUENT calculates the beta that corresponds to the input mass flow rate. Once the calculation is done, go back to the periodic B.C panel and check "beta" and thats you dp.

good luck.....

myaccount January 17, 2014 07:48

Hi everyone!!!

I am trying to simulate a 1d heat transfer in a medium confined between two large walls (top and bottom wall). I created a 2d rectangle in icem cfd. For top and bottom lines I have given the boundary conditions as walls. But I am not clear what boundary condition I should use for left and right lines which are not supposed to be present. (I created them only for meshing)..

do I have to use periodic condition?

Pls reply.

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