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ernie January 13, 2005 19:08

MSW gasification
Anyone have tried modeling the gasification of biomass or Municipal SOlid Waste ? Some previewed journals using the Discrete Phase Model..or any suggestion which topic should i approach?

ernie January 14, 2005 19:59

Re: 4-step method?am i right?
I would like to add some more:

i've gone through the biomass gasification which i don't think have much different with MSW gasification. In biomass gasification, the particles undergoes: 1. drying zone 2. volatilization zone 3. combustion zone

applying all these into Fluent, i'm thinking of using 3-step method(according to the number of zone)+ 1-step (on cold flow simulation) which are:

1-step: cold flow simulation 2-step: drying zone simulation 3-step: volatilization simualtion 4-step: combustion simulation

for each step, i have to get convergence value before i move to next step.

does all my assumptions are right?

I would like to hear any advice from you.


REgards, Ernie

Allan Walsh January 17, 2005 13:06

Re: 4-step method?am i right?
We have run several models of biomass and MSW gasification/combustion in boilers with conventional grates.

What are your goals in doing the modeling? Trying to understand the process?

If the MSW will primarily be gasified in a bed, then you can probably preset gasification rates, species, enthalpy sources/sinks etc.

If you are interested in in-flight gasification and/or distribution effects of the MSW on gasification rates, then you might want to use the DPM model.

You can run an isothermal ("cold") flow simulation first if you want, but it won't give you any real information of the final flow conditions under gasification. To do that, you need to combine drying and volatiles release and whatever solid carbon reactions that are important to your process.

Remember, to get any meaniful results from your CFD modeling, you need to put some thought into what you are trying to achieve. You should check out the program "FLIC" from Sheffield.

ernie January 18, 2005 20:49

Re: 4-step method?am i right?
Dear Sir,

Thank you with the advice.

For more info, we're runnning MSW incinerator. on the 1st chamber,it's the upraught fix bed gasifier. we'll use the simulation to optimize the 1st chamber in terms of its geometry.

Regards, Ernie

George January 20, 2005 06:17

Re: 4-step method?am i right?
Hi Allan,

your work could be quite interesting to learn about - did you publish anything about your simulations or are your results classified?

Best regards


Allan Walsh January 20, 2005 14:15

Re: 4-step method?am i right?

Modeling work has all been done for industrial clients. You can find a few technical papers on boiler modeling at our company website - google "Jansen Combustion".

Regards, Allan

George January 24, 2005 03:59

Re: 4-step method?am i right?
Thanks, Allan, I thought so..:) It's natural and - I think that Ernie needs to consider some collaboration a with MSWI in order to get meaningful data.



ernie January 31, 2005 16:32

Re: MSW gasification
I do have the chemical formula for the MSW and volatile i have to obtain the chemical formula for volatile and char of mSW from experimental result? is there any other way since no published paper on mSW investigation in my region,

spz_zg April 12, 2012 22:33

Remember, to get any meaniful results from your CFD modeling, you need to put some thought into what you are trying to achieve. You should check out the program "FLIC" from Sheffield.[/QUOTE]

Dear sir:
You have the "FLIC" software from Sheffield and the using method? I am very interesting in the incinerator bed modelling. Could you send this
to me?
All the best

crtv3366 April 19, 2012 06:48

I am studing on plasma gasification of MSW wastes. HAve you got any fluent files for this subject. I want to look at all studies. PLease help me.

bahramnourani April 30, 2013 16:22

Please guide me to have FLIC software.

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